April 1, 2017

This is the Most Desirable Place to Live in the U.S.

Boulder and the Quest for Wellness.

The whole world is experiencing great changes, which is why now, more than ever, holistic wellness is crucial. What with all the local and global political turmoil we are bombarded with on a daily basis, preserving a sound mind, body, and spirit is the only way we can thrive despite these challenging times.

I’ve always considered one’s place of dwelling as a vital determinant when it comes to holistic wellness—that in which the mind, body, and spirit remain in their tiptop condition and have achieved a sense of balance and synthesis. Indeed, between two individuals in which one is surrounded with noise and filth and the other with tranquility and beauty, the latter has way better shot at holistic growth and, eventually, overall wellness.

So as you can see, it was an easy decision for me to move to Boulder, Colorado—my adoptive city since 1992. I’ve always heard great things about the city, but over the years that I’ve been a resident, I discovered it to be a place that encourages a person to grow into an outwardly dynamic and inwardly peaceful human being; one that promises, and aptly delivers, holistic wellness.

My office, Tenge Law Firm, recently made an infographic called “10 Reasons Why You Should Move to Boulder.” Although this wonderful Colorado city certainly has a lot more to offer, in the infographic we list the top reasons why I think Boulder, compared to many other American cities, is more generous in nourishing the mind, body, and spirit.


The city of Boulder is a college town. It is the location of one the country’s most esteemed universities— the University of Colorado at Boulder. It also serves as the headquarters for some of the biggest government research facilities in the country.

If these are not enough to convince anyone of Boulder’s dedication to intellectual growth and learning, it is also important to note that entrepreneurship—another undeniably cerebral pursuit—has become one of the city’s most dependable economic strategies.

All these details contribute to Boulder’s reputation as a city where knowledge is valued and the pursuit and application of it is rightfully rewarded.


Surrounded by mountain peaks, streams, canyons, and and other geographical and natural blessings, it is a given that the city of Boulder boasts of a community that is highly engaged in sports and outdoor activities. Here residents have taken to maximizing everything nature has to offer by partaking in recreations from the more laid back—e.g., camping—to the extreme—e.g., moonlit rock climbing.

Even within downtown Boulder, jogging lanes, bike lanes, yoga spots, and other locations specifically dedicated to the improvement of the body are commonplace.


Boulder has a thriving economy thanks to its people’s sense of industry and entrepreneurial spirit. It goes without saying that we, Boulderites, have perfected the concept of work-life balance. Here the populace gets the work done, but gets the play part even better. From art collectives and festivals, museums, great shops, great food to local craft beers, in Boulder there is no shortage of options to replenish one’s soul.

Hopefully this infographic has helped those of you who are considering moving to Boulder, but haven’t quite made up your mind. Is it an expensive city? Yes, but I also feel that it is quite difficult to put a price tag on what makes you truly prosper. I think that in this case, you’ll be getting so much more than what you pay for. I know I have.




Author: J. Todd Tenge 

Image: elephant Instagram, Tenge Law

Editor: Travis May

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