April 15, 2017

What to Remember when our Spiritual Growth gets Scary.

Recognizing that spiritual growth is actually quite terrifying is an important step in the growth itself.

Opening ourselves up to living and being out of the status quo is not usually a comfortable process.

But even if it isn’t comfortable, it does seem worth it, because so many of us are seeing that the ways we were taught to live in school and by our parents—based on fear, criticism, and constantly striving—just aren’t working.

We are finding we don’t feel fulfilled, we don’t feel satisfied, and when we look at the direction of self-destruction in which the planet is heading we have a strong feeling we don’t want to participate in a non-spiritual society that only cares about material things.

So, we start meditating, doing yoga, and dabbling in energy healing or crystals or oracle cards, and we start to see there is so much more in this great big universe of ours than simply this body with its aches, pains, sorrows, and sense of limitations.

We get messages from our higher self and coincidences that we know aren’t actually coincidences at all start to occur all around us.

And when all of this starts to happen, we get scared.

What if we are weird? What if people ostracize us because we are different?

I think these feelings are a normal part of the spiritual growth process.

Having the courage to act, evolve, and develop ourselves even while the fear is present is an essential skill when living a spiritual life.

But recently, it has occurred to me that one of the best ways we can encourage and support ourselves when our level of spiritual growth starts to scare us is to remember we aren’t doing it alone.

Millions of people are exploring meditation, yoga, and other spiritual practices.

Just scroll through your social media feed and you will see that the amount of people making their spiritual journey a priority is phenomenal.

There is a growth happening that is beyond our individual journeys.

There is a collective shift that is impacting all of us, and when we stand in the full power of free will we can make a personal choice about what we want to do with all this spiritual evolution happening around us and within us.

My suggestion: we lean in and flow with it.

Each day we can open a little more.

We can get curious about what the day looks like if we approach it with the freshest set of eyes possible.

And we can hold the knowledge that millions of others are doing the same, too.

And when we inevitably feel scared, or terrified, or paralyzed by the immensity of the shifts, we can then draw on the universal, collective breath—inhale and exhale—and remember we are all in this together.

Wherever this spiritual growth is taking us individually and collectively, I am sure we have the strength to stick with the journey and infuse it with love—we just have to choose to do so.


Author: Ruth Lera

Image: Franca Gimenez/Flickr

Editor: Emily Bartran

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