May 10, 2017

It’s a Scorpio Full Moon—So What?

It’s a full moon in Scorpio today.

Our karmic shadows are dancing with ancestral lessons for us at the portal to our inner wisdom and truth.

There’s a great big sting in its tail and it sounds like Mercury conjuncted with Uranus…

Okay, yeah, yeah, we’ve all read the astrology articles on social media—there sure are enough of them.

How many full moon articles does Facebook need anyway?

Every month, they appear in advance of the full or new moon, and every month with the best of intentions. We either read them and take them on board, or scroll past them.

We often like the thought of making a full moon releasing list and we may have completed dozens of them in the past. And we do, on occasion, take many of the moon rituals we read about quite seriously.

But, you know what? This time, and on this full moon, I just ain’t feelin’ it.

You know when you just wanna to do “normal life” stuff and live in the third dimension? You just wanna stay in your pj’s and eat junk food? You just can’t be bothered with people, or messages, or anything, to be honest—including full moons, silver candles, potent crystals, and dancing nymphs.

That’s me today, and many of us can relate to feeling like this at some point on our higher dimensional journeys.

And, what’s wrong with that anyway?

I was “awakened” in my mid 20s. My path was enlightened by mentors along the way. I practice meditation, celebrate our seasons like the ancients did, and I’ve dealt with my “shadow side.”

I am a practicing druid and I write for an online druid magazine. I’m an ancestral witch and I host seasonal volunteers who choose to work with me to learn more.

I’ve skipped along country lanes with my craft groups and sat crossed-legged conducting full moon rituals for avid listeners in the darkness. I simply adore our moon and her wondrous cycles, and I love the experience of sharing with others.

But, the pressure to “keep up the good work” is of my own making and, sometimes, I simply try to undertake far too much. We all do.

Today, I don’t want to see another full moon article on Facebook. I’m just not in the mood.

Someone is noisily chain-sawing a hedge outside, and I couldn’t meditate even if I wanted to. I’ve run out of my favourite essential oils. I don’t feel like my womb needs nurturing and I’m far too lethargic to attempt a Downward-Facing Dog.

So, instead, I’m gonna hit three dimensional, everyday existence and stay well clear of this current lunar cycle.

And, what’s so bad about that anyway? Let’s face it, we do have to get sh*t done too—the grocery list ain’t gonna shop for itself and the bills won’t go away until paid.

So what if we don’t want to shower until much later? We just fancy drinking wine and hanging out? We just complete boring chores and ignore a couple of messages?

And, so what if we skip another full moon? We create our own realities and we can skip a moon if we want to.

Whether we choose to celebrate with a full ceremonial lunar worship or whether we prefer to parade indoors in underwear, avoiding the world—the decision is ours.

We all get like this from time to time, and it’s important to listen to what our minds and bodies crave instead of feeling the pressure to perform all the time, to tick all the spiritual boxes.

Let’s allow ourselves to take time out and experience a little 3-D once in a while. We may just need a day now and again, to sort out that “normal life” stuff.

There’s nothing wrong with needing time out, and it is possible to overdose on dedicating ourselves to a spiritual journey. Let’s not beat ourselves up about it.

Mindfulness is awareness, and there will be plenty full moon articles available next month on Facebook…and the one after, and the one after that.

In the meantime, let’s be kind to ourselves. 3-D isn’t a swear word—it’s a full dimension and it’s available to us should we choose it.

And so, today I’m gonna 3-D to my heart’s content—to the moon and back again, in fact!


Author: Shelley Dootson-Greenland 
Image: Monique Prater/ Flickr
Editor: Khara-Jade Warren


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