June 16, 2017

How to Love a Woman who Seems too Good to Be True.

She’s different.

There’s something about her that makes you nervous, that makes you wonder: is she too good to be true?

She’s not too good to be true—you’ve just never tasted forever before.

Perhaps it won’t last and what you’re seeing and feeling is only the beautiful buds of love growing, and not what it would actually be like if you chose to spend all of your days with her.

Maybe she is too good to be true. But maybe this is just a lie you keep telling yourself—because the reality is, it’s easier to think she’s too good to be true than to actually become the man you know she deserves.

She’s full of contradictions, like the moon visible in the light of day, but it doesn’t stop her love from being real. She tastes like fresh chicory coffee under the dappled light of early morning, and somehow, even though you never thought you’d find it, she feels like home.

It might seem easier to just dismiss this woman and her love, yet she is here in your life for a reason. It’s no mistake that yours is the one her heart has been pulled to, and while thinking she’s too good to be true might solve the problem of wondering if you’re good enough—it’s not going to stop her from loving you.

Perhaps time has taught you that you’re not worthy of the unconditional, the amazing. Maybe you’ve been told of all the things you have done wrong in your life and all the qualities that make it difficult to love you.

But there is nothing difficult about you for the heart meant to love you.

For you are worthy of her, just as you are. Stepping up isn’t about changing who you are, or finding a job that brings in more money. It simply takes realizing that you deserve her, and that she deserves the best of you.

It may be difficult to see yourself as she does, and maybe you think that she’s wrong. But just imagine what it would be like if you let yourself believe in the amazing. Why does it seem easier to accept the miserable and the painful?

She loves you, not because of what you can buy her or even do for her, but because you see a part of her that no one else ever has. In turn, she has chosen to give a part of herself to you that she’s never given anyone else. She isn’t naive; this is not the work of rose-colored glasses.

In truth, she may know more about your flaws than even you do—but she doesn’t love you in spite of them, but because of them. She knows that the rose wouldn’t bloom without thorns to protect it and that we all need balance, so just like the moon throughout the night, she’ll hold space for your darkest moments.

Maybe the most difficult aspect of a woman like this is that you won’t have to try to love her. It won’t be difficult to read the words beneath her smiling lips, and it won’t be difficult to understand the world she sees, because she’s not one to play games.

She’s simple, but only in the way that the sea is—for although we will never truly understand the depths or currents that may lurk there, it’s beautiful in all of its mysteries.

The biggest obstacle in loving a woman like this will be getting out of your own way to do so. Don’t try to reduce meeting her to coincidence, or seek to define her in certain terms—this will only serve to cheapen the woman that she is. Look at her and accept her for all you see, but will never fully understand.

Let her show you what love really looks like.

It might be difficult at first. You may find yourself waiting for the instant everything will change and you’ll suddenly see each other’s true colors—the beginnings of jealousy and pettiness. But in spending time in worry, you’re only going to miss out on creating sweet memories with a woman you never would have been able to plan for.

But that’s the thing: you can’t really plan for forever.

Forever just sneaks in one day—possibly in the form of someone who seems all wrong for you. Yet suddenly, one day, you turn around and realize that while you might have never thought love would ever come dressed as her, nothing else has ever fit quite as right.

“Too good to be true” only means that you’re used to the hurt and chaos that come from the almost-fits. The biggest step in loving a woman who seems too good to be true is to recognize that maybe you’ve just never been loved in the ways your soul craves.

We all love differently; sometimes it flows easily no matter what we do, while sometimes we just wish we could figure out why it won’t. There’s no rhyme or reason, and love is far from a formula to follow. Instead, it’s a wish—perhaps one we don’t even know we’re making about how we hope to feel one day.

If you feel like you love a woman who is too good to be true, then maybe you have found your forever—even if she came packaged differently than you imagined.

Sometimes we know what we want, and others it seems that we don’t actually know until we’re shown something we could never have imagined.

So let her be what she is—better than you could have imagined, and tasting of forever each time she kisses you.



Author: Kate Rose
Image: Andre Hunter/Unsplash@natkatbridal/Instagram
Editor: Callie Rushton
Supervising Editor 1: Danielle Beutell
Supervising Editor 2: Khara-Jade Warren

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