June 8, 2017

How to Navigate these Mad Times.

I’m drowning in words: those penned eons ago—which still ring true—and those spilling from my own pen to page.

It began as a gingered toeing of the waters, but quickened by the cold clime—I surrendered and made the leap.

The waters roiled, then, seeing I did not seek the shore, began to swirl; in a breath I surrendered to the chaos of words, glorious swirls which speak of what is good—great—in humankind, words that remind us we are meant to triumph, but that oft we are beaten down along the way, and sometimes there are casualties.

Despite this, we must hold tight to Truth when times grow darkest—a Truth that echoes through our chest with each beat of our heart.

It can be difficult, this containing Truth as it beats within our breast; we bend, almost to breaking, from the ache to share Truth’s light with others, the ones who need her most, those who prefer shadowed greed passing for ignorance, lest they face their complicity.

Yet carry her we must, for it is left for us to bear her, to keep her fires burning as she warps the demarcation between darkness and light—for it is only when we open to Shadow that we can bring it to light.

It’s no simple task, this, and these are not simple times. These are the times of warriors, of everyday heroes rising as the Phoenix from the ashes of our hearts. There is no room for hesitation; there is no room for fear. You know this to be true, we all do, we feel it down to our bones—we know we have been called forth, and that it is time to rise because generations depend upon it.

Five thousand years from now, of what will the historian speak? What will the archeologist discover?

When the fire of madness spread, when the earth nearly burned, when the light of Truth nearly died, did they duck their heads, pop some pills, and lock themselves in little glowing boxes?

Or, did they rise, a voice to power bearing Truth’s clarion call as they marched onward, steady through the soul of their people’s darkest night, standing strong as they bore Shadow’s weight, carrying her into light?

And so it is, as I’ve lost myself in words, I’ve found that Truth prevails; we cannot hide, we cannot run, we cannot pretend it’s not begun.

The time is here, it has arrived; who will we be?

Will Truth survive?



Author: Laura Saba
Image: Hermes Rivera/Unsplash
Editor: Taia Butler

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