July 20, 2017

Messages from the Moon. {Poem}

At night, the moon, she speaks to me—

In an old tongue of sign and symbol,
Slowly revealing her shadowy face
To ones who know how to see.

She shows me the great cosmic web in which we are sewn,
Stitches in time that our choices thread into,
The tapestry of all connected things.
It is her power and sheer magnetism that makes tides break along the sandy shore,
Crashing onto rocks,
Every wave across the earth is her, simply being herself.

Sometimes, she whispers to me
Of all the lives she has seen be born and die,
As she sung her dreamtime lullaby into eternity,
Regardless of who is listening.

The dramas that have played out beneath her sleepy eyes,
The words her dusty lips never uttered,
Waves still changing destiny—
She dances with me, to the same song that many cycles ago we all knew, and sung together.
Sometimes, we seem so close, I forget it is an honor to know the moon this way.

And still she is, calmly making waves across the ocean,
Explaining our place in the family of things.
I understand that I must listen, deeply—
Looking not only into the black light,
But also to the sun and all his wisdom
The one who shines more brightly in the sky.

And yet, my heart is full with our soft, glowing circle,
Hanging like a jewel of white wisdom in the nighttime,
Because it is in her shadowy face,
Her blemished skin,
And against the blotchy ink-black velvet backdrop, we came to know as darkness.

When at 3 a.m.—shattered into a million pieces or wholly put together—
The past and future coexist as sparkles in the sky,
Reminding us, we are but a drop in a vast body of water,
And our time on earth is limited, transitory, yet written into records
That few of us take time to read.

And in these moments of aloneness, she whispers:
Take heed, small precious one, for though your mind is scared and your body sleepy,
The rattling home-call in your bones
Is myself and the stars, reminding you of our promise before we parted ways,
That one day soon, your entire life will seem like it happened in the blink of an enormous eye,
So timeless you will be.
And on this day and for the rest of eternity,
We will dance together,
Through the gates of heaven and into infinity…

And the sweet, distilled essence of you will return to whence you came,
Making rings around every moon,
Blowing across vast stretches of nothingness,
Held together by space, and shine, and glimmers of hope…

And we will welcome you like the old friend that you are,
Watching gently, silently, with compassion and forgiveness,
The patterns and the people
The magic and the music
Sending out a call across the oceans
To those who remember home.

Because at night, the moon, she speaks to me—
And this is (some of) what she says.



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Author: Jane West
Image: Deviantart/Osaki-Kun; Instagram @etherealacy
Editor: Yoli Ramazzina
Copy editor: Danielle Beutell
Social editor: Cat Monkman

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