September 1, 2017

When we Sleepwalk no More.

If we choose to sleepwalk no more, understand that we are entering a holy battle deep within.

Here we will face our deepest fears: the rumbling of our own ground, the roar of our own release, and the vastness of our own celestial overflow.

It is a merciless civil war between our shadow selves and our higher selves, creating complete, anguished ecstasy. Know that our ego will devour us whole until we are on the floor naked, shaking, and wailing for mercy.

Accept that our wounded child selves will resort to complete desperation to remain victorious, a whipping wind of ancestral scars and karmic debt, spitting fire of poisonous venom to protest against our restoration and rebirth.

If we choose to remain safe inside the confines of the mundane, trust that we will be held captive inside our own comfort coffin. The bitter battle of the night sky is not meant for us. If we are brave enough to be torn to shreds, we are welcomed to enter through the door of our own dungeons, to be cracked open raw by our ancient dragons and demons.

If we choose to sleepwalk no more, understand that we must take total responsibility for the transformation we are about to ensue. Know that our comfort zone will be ripped out from underneath us, no longer will we be able to hide behind stale patterns and childhood illusions.

Each time we courageously enter the battlefield within, know that a lightning bolt of purification will be sent through our soul, jolting us awake, and igniting the healing fires of our heart, each bolt purifying our soul’s muddy waters.

Accept that nothing will be the same ever again, we will be knighted straight from the spirit whispers of the Divine, transmuting our life force from deep childhood wounding into waves of liquid moonlight.

As we detox ourselves, both above and below, trust that a wildfire of wonder, bliss, and ecstasy will become our new reality. Our mere presence blazing like the sun, blinding for others to look directly in our direction.

As each of our dark soldiers fall to the ground, understand that we take one step closer to being a lighthouse for others who have yet to build the courage to commence their own inner quest.

No matter how long it takes, no matter how many times we question if we will ever peel ourselves off the kitchen floor, know that we will land in a new home by the sacred union of the lightness and darkness of our own soul, into the womb of ecstatic wholeness to forever rest our head.


Author: Maggie Kay
Image: Guillaume Bolduc/Unsplash
Editor: Danielle Beutell
Copy Editor: Travis May
Social Editor: Nicole Cameron

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