September 5, 2017

How Writing Soothes my Soul like Nothing Else Can.

Today, I was beyond excited when my package arrived via the man in his brown uniform with his brown truck.

I love being pleasantly surprised when I hear the doorbell ring; my dog—trying to sound ferocious, with his incessant barking—was equally excited. As I opened the package, I found my new notebook, and the anticipation of writing overwhelms me. Yes, I am like a kid in a candy store. I open the notebook and pour myself a cup of black tea. I am inspired.

This beautiful red notebook. I want this to be my musings notebook—a place where I can ramble on and on without judgement. I want this to be the place I scribe upon unconsciously—feeling the need to envision my words coming to life as they glide across the page. I want to carry it with me wherever I go and open it when I simply know.

This morning, to my delight, this beautiful, bright red notebook with its lovely white-lined pages began calling to me. The moment it was opened, like magic, it was summoning my words. My imagination began to grow wild with the thoughts of what could be. Where should I begin; what words are itching to come to life?

I have so many topics I would love to explore—do I dare?

So many thoughts scrambled in my head—should I share?

My heart is filled with anticipation of the infinite possibilities that might fill these beautiful, pristine, white pages with the vitality of my words.

The wonder of it all.

I am amused by the simple fact that this little, red notebook and this red, Parker fountain pen are infused with the energy, the fuel to drive these words across the pages, effortlessly and without hesitation.

The words begin to gush like the ebb and flow of the ocean’s waters, its tides—timely, with an effervescent touch.

This writing soothes my soul like nothing else quite can. It takes me to a place of peace, reflection, and joy. A place where I can be me, unconditionally.

As I breathe in, the words continue to flow and, honestly, they are coming faster than I can write. They are raw and without direction, without haste. I am honoring myself, my truth, and my being by writing and writing.

Here some tips that may help you get started on this journey.

1. World Market and Barnes & Noble both have a variety of journals to choose from. Whichever store you choose, let the journal choose you. Although it may not jump into your arms, you will have an intuitive sense based on color, inspirational quotes, or the construction of the journal. Indulge in the pleasure of choosing this special gift for yourself.

2. Create a ritual for journaling. When you commit, it becomes a habit. Even 10 minutes in a quiet place every morning or evening should work. Journal while sipping tea in the morning, while listening to your favorite music. Lighting a candle and meditating before writing often inspires me too.

3. Keep your journal and your favorite pen handy and accessible. I keep a journal in my purse, my car, and by my bedside table as well. You never know when you might be inspired to write.

4. Remind yourself of the beautiful things in your life you are grateful for. I love to begin my journaling with a statement of gratitude, even the smallest statements matter.

5. Let your journal be a judgement-free zone and give yourself permission to let your words flow without fear. This will allow you to go deeper and explore your innermost thoughts and desires without limitations.

6. Reading can be the gateway to journaling. It may provoke words to come forth which might inspire, comfort, and even surprise you.



These beloved quotes have inspired me on my journaling journey:

“Writing a first draft is very much like watching a Polaroid develop. You can’t—and, in fact, you’re not supposed to—know exactly what the picture is going to look like until it has finished developing.” ~ Anne Lamott, Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life

“Writing is simple. Keep it simple. It’s communication. It’s personal. It’s real or it’s nothing.” ~ Waylon Lewis

“Learning to let yourself create is like learning to walk…baby steps will follow and there will be falls.” ~ Julia Cameron, The Artist’s Way




Author: Heather Siebenaler
Image: Instagram @elephantjournal, Aiden Meyer/Unsplash 
Editor: Travis May
Copy Editor: Nicole Cameron
Social Editor: Danielle Beutell


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