November 21, 2017

Please Stop having Matrix Sex. {Poem}

Please stop having matrix sex.

Back and forth, back and forth.

Unexpressed desires.
Energetics disregarded.
Magic on a leash.

Throats blocked.
Hearts closed.
Hands stiff.

Please stop using her body as a vessel
Please stop using his as friction to feel.

This. This is a co-creation.
Animals given the opportunity to un-cage, find refuge in bondage.

Hearts meeting, melting, merging—
an endless vortex into that of whatever you please.

Find your depth.

We are separate, as a society.
But you can choose to end that when your magic wand enters her globe.
You can choose to give him your ancient aptitude,
See yourself in his eyes.

Scream when you want to scream.
Bite when you want to bite.
Roar when you want to roar.

Collided artistry.
Primal pleasure from internal peace.

Allow your rage to surface.
Allow your fear to fly free.

Sex is a tool to release your most wild essence of truth.
Worship the divine in every millisecond to the beyond.

This. This is your chance to ground in a vision of who you can be.
Who you know you already are.

The moment your mind wanders,
and all you hear is the bed grinding its headboard, shallow breathing…
Let the numbness you’ve been repressing surface as frustration.
Give him your panther Kali priestess of fire and light.

No longer can they tell you who to be.
Here, you let yourself emerge.

Please stop having matrix sex.
Then maybe…
Maybe you will find your way out of the matrix world.



Author: Carly Morgan Gross
Image: MaxPixel
Editor: Callie Rushton
Copy Editor: Catherine Monkman
Social Editor: Waylon Lewis

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