November 20, 2017

Think you’re Broken & need more Self-Help?

We often get addicted to fixing things—including ourselves.

We can so easily become trapped in a loop of personal growth and self-help, constantly striving as we continue to try to jump out of this infinite cycle of suffering.

The magic happens when we recognize that we have already arrived. We are here. We are everything we admire in someone else, and everything we hope to be ourselves. We wouldn’t be able to see any of these qualities outside if they did not exist inside. There is nothing left to fix. There is nothing left to do. We don’t have to do anything, ever. We are all that we hope to be just by being, here, now, as we are.

You are all of it. You are the beauty, power, and abundance you seek. You are the entire purpose of your own life.

In recognition that you have arrived, a softness appears. A knowingness. A deep trust that all is well. What happens from here is nothing short of magic, because magic lives in the realization that all that you are is magic. You are not broken—you never were. You are a beautiful, complete, powerful being—just by being.

By wanting to exist in any other state than the one we currently are, we actually push away the potential and beauty of our lives. By resting in what is, we recognize that all we wish is already here. We can become everything we want in an instant—simply by trusting that we already are.

This begins as a conscious choice, day in and day out, that focuses on your inner and outer language (thoughts and words) and what level are they vibrating at. Using language like “I want,” “I wish” or “I hope”  represents an attitude of lack. It’s believing that all you seek is somewhere else.

Switching to self-talk rooted in “I am,” “I create,” or “I have” roots you in the genuine reality that all you search for is already here. The coolest part? When you rest in this knowingness—when you speak, feel, and act in this knowingness—it all appears in manifest form.

Seeing someone existing without both feet firmly planted in their worthiness is like seeing this shining, gorgeous jewel that thinks it’s a pebble. This is not to say that there is anything wrong with pebbles. You can exist in this way if you wish.

But you are not a pebble. You are the most gorgeous shining thing I have ever seen and I just want to grab you by the shoulders and shake the knowing out of you. Yet your own beauty cannot be found through someone else’s hands. It must be found in your own existence. In the words you speak to yourself day after day, in the choices you make each day, in the moment when you wake up in the morning and stare at your reflection and either recognize—or not—the gorgeousness of the creature staring back at you.

The surrender comes in the knowing that you are everything you admire, everything you hope for. You are all of it. There is nothing left to do, be, or become.

You have arrived.


Basic Goodness is our Human Nature.



Author: Annabelle Blythe
Image: Author’s own
Editor: Callie Rushton
Copy Editor: Travis May
Social Editor: Waylon Lewis

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