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A practice to connect with our “Guiding Master”—& it only takes a Second. {Poem}

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The Breath:

As reliable as the sun or the moon in the sky

The breath:
the guiding presence
of our existence
coursing through us,
bodily gift of life,
a soft embrace
with nothing expected in return.

Lifted up,
lighter than air,
a featherweight,
a vessel of promise,
my North Star,
all held in here—
all the cracks and crevices
so beautiful and fragile.

We could learn a thing or two from
this light-weighted master,
from the humble silence.

No destination,
no plan.

The breath:
In, out
in, out
in, out.

My chest expands to carry the universe,
holding everything in it—
a magnetic field,
the cavernous polarities,
holding all of me,
falling in with the rhythm,
the tempo,
never off,
a dance of respiration,
transfixing, mixing
with the reverberating heartbeat
like the beating of a drum.

I turn my gaze upward:
the stars,
the sky,
the trees, grass,
every moment another piece of the story
unfolding minute by minute.

A moment of pure bliss
ebbing and flowing,
the soft, swift sound hypnotizing;
time continues on.

I am now looking in,
fixating on the vitality of
the air that emerges
from inside,
intricate and pure,
the abundant wisdom
a scintillating silence now;
the orchestra has left,
the density lifted.

The gift of the breath.


Author: Gabriella Bauduy
Image: Jem Yoshioka/Flickr 
Editor: Catherine Monkman
Copy Editor: Travis May
Social Editor: Travis May

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About Gabriella Bauduy

Gabriella Bauduy is currently a college student at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. A Colorado native, she has always loved her state—so much so that she didn’t want to leave. She has always loved getting more in touch with herself through different contemplative practices, and since Naropa is all about that, she thought this would be a great starting point for getting her writing out to the general public. She always try to live a healthy lifestyle, and when not writing, can be seen hiking, biking, or just sitting outside and basking in the wonderful Colorado sunshine. She also enjoys exploring outside of her home state—traveling and seeing other parts of the world. Sharing her work on a healthy lifestyle publication like Elephant Journal is a great way for her to do two of the things she loves: writing and talking about healthy living! She looks forward to experimenting and growing more with her writing, and hopefully working for or with Elephant Journal in the future. Connect with her on Instagram.


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