February 11, 2018

When Love Remains. {Poem}

Love me as much as I love you.

Love is when life finds its way to the heart,
Into its veins of beating blood,
Pulsing as the life of its very existence,
And the truth of its being.
Love is what lights up the path of the heart,
Tracing its inner linings for acceptance,
Acceptance of its own existence.

You see love only exists with acceptance,
Acceptance of love as our being.
Two meet in love when love exists within,
Within the heart of one.
And as two unite,
Love remains as a force of the union.
Though union takes place only with the sealing of acceptance,
Acceptance of love within the beloved.

Thus love becomes the language for two hearts to speak as one,
To begin to beat as one.
And as love settles its homage in the hearts of those who seek to be love,
Those who accept love as their very being,
Those who unite in love,
Love becomes.

The light that illuminates our darkness,
The courage that casts out all our fears,
The breath that feeds purpose back into our life,
The spark that reignites the courage of the heart,
And the voice that speaks the truth of our very being.

And so love is not what we do,
Love is who we are.
Love becomes what unites us as one,
When we ultimately accept love as our very being,
And when love is all that remains.



Take My Love. {Poem}

Author: Sana Atik
Image: Max Pixel
Editor: Angel Lebailly
Copy & Social editor: Sära Kärpanen

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