May 31, 2018

Ryan Van Duzer hearts Alisa May Geiser: a Love Story!

True love, it seems, requires both independence and affection. One, or the other, on its own, is not enough.

My best friend Ryan has fallen in love…with a woman who worked with me, and interned with Elephant before that, more than 12 years ago. Here’s their beautiful story…which will inspire you to no end. At least it did, me.

A sweet video from a sweet heart.

My best friend Ryan and my long-ago intern and Elephant staffer Ali are in love: a video you’ll want to watch and hug about:

My comment to them:

You two! Of course. Ali, as you know, was my intern and staff buddy…what, 12 years ago? 14? And you—my best friend, a huge heart (and you’ve never been pathetic, your openness is your best part of your big sweet good heart).

You’re a hard one to love because you’re so overwhelmingly uniquely you. That just means it’s harder to find an equally independent rockstar, and Ali could very well be that.

Always come back to heart and kindness. Love is good stuff, but it’s about the tough times, and doing dishes (after burritos), not just bikes and sunsets and adventures. Though in your case, mostly bikes and sunsets and adventures.

Ali, I am so excited for you. Not only can you handle Ryan, but…I’m pretty sure he might be able to handle you. Because you both are independent and fun and sweet, the best and rarest and love-fullest combination.”

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Read 8 comments and reply

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