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August 27, 2018

Not Shown Here: Why Instagram Will Never Be Enough. {Poem}

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Not shown here:

The yoga practice I moved through with the first rays of light this morning
Not shown here
The nourishment of the meal that came afterward
Both so very real
Both so very showable
Even though they weren’t shown here.

Not shown here:
The hours and emails and efforts
That go into making anything on “here” even possible
Not shown here
The relationships that my life revolves around
The ones I pour love into
Take time off for
Walk hand in hand to the grocery store with
Cry into the phone with
Stay up all night laughing and storytelling over a good bottle of whiskey with.

Not shown here:
The infinity that fills me in meditation
Not shown here
The intuition that guides these words
Not shown here
The source of power I tap into
In order to walk tall and unapologetically in my self-worth
Every day that I am able to.

Not shown here:
The beat of my heart.

Not shown here:
The pulse of my soul when I collide with humans from past lives
And wander into landscapes that have sparked both wisdom and wonder
In all those who wandered there before.

Not shown here:
The dirt still on my feet from yesterday’s adventure
Not because it couldn’t be shown here
Because a picture of dirty feet can never portray the joy of dirty feet.

Not shown here:
The whole truth
Not shown here
The full perspective
Not shown here
The perspectives that are mine and mine alone
The ones that are yours and yours alone.

Not shown here:
All sides of every argument
And debate
At the same time.

Not shown here:
The kaleidoscope of life
The swipe of the brush that blends each flash of reality
Into the technicolored masterpiece that is our individual human experience
As we exist and shift each day each moment each breath.

Not shown here:
Your life, out there.

Do I love what is shown here?

But I will always love what is not shown here more.

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