September 23, 2018

5 Ways being Self-Aware can Improve our Relationships.

There is not a single avenue of anyone’s life that wouldn’t benefit from self-growth.

Being self-aware means understanding our own habits and routines and learning about our true feelings, desires, motivations, and character.

Knowing ourselves inside and out helps us hone in on positive qualities and look for areas that need improvement.

Being self-aware can greatly benefit close relationships. It teaches us how to communicate openly and resolve things in a mature, adult fashion. It can also make us more exciting for others to be around because of our newfound kind, positive attitude.

Not only does learning about ourselves improve our relationships, it also promotes healthy self-esteem. It helps us understand why people treat us the way they do and why we react to things in the way that we do.

Here are five reasons why being self-aware helps promote healthy relationships and improve our sense of self:

1. Self-awareness makes us pleasant to be around.
When we are self-aware, we look out for the needs of others. We’re aware of how we treat people and seek to do the best we can. This makes us more pleasant for others to associate with, and it also makes us a more attractive partner to our spouse.

Modest confidence is an attractive quality in a mate, and studies show that the more self-aware one is, the more confident they become. According to the book Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, this confidence can inspire creativity and other positive emotional outlets.

2. It’s easier to make decisions.
One study found that the clearer one sees themselves, the sounder decisions they will make.

When we become self-aware, we acknowledge the reasoning behind the decisions we make. These reasons may not always be fair, and sometimes they are even self-serving. Becoming aware of our patterns can help us to correct wrong decisions.

So, how do these decisions impact our romantic relationships?

In several ways.

First, our partner will appreciate that our decisions are made with everyone’s best interest in mind—not just our own. Second, our spouse will begin to see how reliable and thoughtful we are in our everyday life.

3. A positive attitude leads to a positive relationship.
Studies show that when a person becomes more intuitive and self-aware, they are more likely to build stronger relationships. This is because they acknowledge and care for their spouse’s needs. Special attention is given to the relationship that makes both partners feel satisfied and cared for.

Trust is a huge aspect of any healthy marriage. This aspect is strengthened by self-awareness.

Research in one journal on the topic reveals that when we become self-aware, we are less likely to lie, cheat, or steal. These positive traits can boost relationship satisfaction and help both partners feel comfortable and loved in the marriage.

4. Self-awareness improves intuition.
Intuition is important in a healthy relationship. It is the brain’s natural instinct used to create impressions.

When we are intuitive about our partner’s feelings and behavior, we are able to identify problems. We may even be able to spot them before they turn into serious issues. This is a wonderful quality to have in a marriage because it promotes unity and reassurance within the relationship. When a spouse sees that you are aware of their emotional and physical needs, they will be more likely to come to you with any problems they are having.

5. Being self-aware is good for the relationship finances.
Finances are a sore subject in most households. The topic of debts and household budgets can be awkward and embarrassing. They are also another aspect of married life that is positively affected by a person’s self-awareness.

Research conducted on those with a self-aware attitude found that participants who had a clear sense of self were more effective leaders at work. Those in positions of authority also had a higher level of employee satisfaction if they had higher self-awareness. Companies run by such individuals also reported higher profits.

If you’re not running a company, your household finances can still benefit from your intuitions. Research goes on to say that self-aware employees were more effective workers who obtained more opportunities for promotion.

How to become self-aware:

1. Do a personal self-examination.
What is your behavior? This is a question we will need to ask ourselves if we want to become more self-aware.

>> Do you pull away when your spouse is trying to talk to you?
>> Do you take advantage of your partner’s kindness or patience?
>> Do you make decisions based on selfish desires instead of taking your partner’s feelings into account? 

Take a deep dive into the way you react to certain things. Look at the way you treat others. Doing this regularly will help you make the necessary adjustments.

2. Ask for feedback.
If you never ask, you’ll never know. One way to get a clear picture of yourself and learn to adjust is to ask for feedback. We can ask friends, family, and coworkers for constructive criticism about our behavioral traits.

It is also extremely beneficial to sit down once a month (or more) with our partner and have a marriage check-in. Here, we can discuss things that are going well in the relationship. It’s an opportunity to express appreciation to one another, and it’s also chance to talk about areas of the relationship that need work.

No matter who we ask for help during a self-examination, the answers given can be incredibly helpful on our journey to becoming self-aware.

3. Understand our own emotions.
Understanding ourselves is a large part of the self-awareness journey. There may be instances from our past that cause us to react to certain things the way that we do. Perhaps we were hurt in our life and it causes us to lash out at our loved ones.

One helpful way to understand our thoughts and emotions better is to keep a journal.

Write down your thoughts, priorities, and goals. What you write down will serve as a physical document for self-reflection.

A happy marriage benefits when both partners practice self-awareness. Knowing one’s own motives, desires, character, and feelings promotes self-growth. Doing so will prevent misunderstandings, boost communication skills, and make each partner more pleasant to be around.

Being self-aware can help promote a healthy relationship.

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