September 10, 2018

Narcissism is not Feminism.

“Never meet your heroes.”

I know we love to make everything about social justice, these days, and we should—we have a long way to go to equality. But aggression solves nothing. It’s not an assault on feminism to dock a mature, skilled player for yelling insults and smashing her racket.

And the victor deserves her due.

I challenge you to watch more than 30 seconds:

“But what should have been a moment of uninhibited joy for Osaka turned into tears of sadness. The postmatch celebration was tarnished by the angry booing from fans upset over what they perceived as Ramos’s unfair treatment of Williams, and amid the cacophony, amplified by the closed roof because of rain, Osaka pulled her visor down over her face and cried…”

But, a happy ending above: “…Nobody should get a pass for bad behavior. Williams reminded the crowd of that on the awards podium. She asked the fans to stop booing and to recognize Osaka’s achievement.

Williams said, “Maybe it was the mom in me that was like, ‘Listen, we got to pull ourselves together here.’ ”

Finally, words befitting one of the greatest athletes ever.”

A recap:

  1. Serena’s coach signals her to move up on the net (caught on camera, admits it after the match). Coaching during the match is illegal.

  2. Ref issues warning. Serena offended, yells at ref about how she doesn’t cheat.

  3. Serena smashes her racket. Ref penalizes her conduct.

  4. Serena demands apologies from ref, accuses him of sexism, being a “thief.”

  5. Ref penalizes her again.

  6. Naomi Osaka apologizes for becoming US OPEN Champion.



From the NY Times:

“Fighting back tears as the crowd yelled, hooted and booed, Williams pleaded her case. She said the treatment was unfair and argued that male players routinely behave in the same manner without facing penalties.

“There are men out here that do a lot worse, but because I’m a woman, because I’m a woman, you’re going to take this away from me? That is not right,” Williams told one official.

Later, at a postmatch news conference, she accused Ramos of sexism for issuing a code violation for her “thief” accusation.”

Let’s look at some facts: “This ref in particular is known for pissing people off equally for his adherence to regs.”

The data says she’s…not correct.

What do the stats say? Williams, a 23-time Grand Slam champion, was one of 10 women punished for code violations at this year’s US Open, while 26 men were fined.

Most of the fines issued were for racquet violations – 14 men and five women.

Three men and three women were penalised for an audible obscenity, five men were fined for time delays, while four men and one woman were penalised for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Williams was one of only two women punished for on-court coaching, alongside Slovakia’s Dominika Cibulkova, while no men were penalised for this offence.

Former world number one Williams was the only player punished for verbal abuse, which landed her a $10,000 (£7,732) fine – the largest issued at this year’s tournament.

Source: https://www.bbc.com/sport/tennis/45468290

That said, Ramos has been strict with Nadal, too, and calling a judge a thief is a clear violation. McEnroe was booted for displays of temper. A good sum up here.

What’s your mindful take?

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