September 24, 2018

Unlocking the Door to a True & Divine Love.

My work as a spiritual healer connects me to many people from various walks of life who are working through debilitating issues.

Their issues range from mental, emotional, to physical in nature. But most are to do with love relationships: dealing with breakups, wanting to be with someone who is already attached to another, and even two people who are in love, but who need to learn to understand each other.

Through my own daily practices of prayer, meditation, and repeating positive affirmations to help balance and centre my energy, I learned to take the blinkers off and look and feel from an energetic level what it is that causes so much drama between two people who are meant to be together, and feel so much, yet can’t seem to get it right to physically go forward and create a balanced loving life together.

The epiphany I had is that just as an individual has his/her unique DNA, so does the union of two souls that are divinely ordained or destined to be together to share a life here on this earth.

In order to not get lost in the romantic thought process of twin flame connections, soul mate connections, or karmic connections that so much has been written about, I decided to try and understand what the connection we have with other individuals is all about.

We are all connected in one form or another, and we are also connected to a divine infinite source. We all come here to experience life, learn, grow, and evolve.

When our souls incarnate into this world, it is like we have signed a contract with the divine universe to have a myriad of life experiences, connect with many people across the globe, learn, teach, and grow.

When I give spiritual psychic readings to clients, I’m often asked if the person they are romantically interested in is their true love—or, is the person their soul mate or twin flame. And of course, the inevitable: “Does he/she love me?”

I feel strongly urged to ask the client to ask their own heart what they truly feel with the person in question. What does the core of their being say? Can they feel the other person’s energy?

Of course I give the answer that I receive from the Divine, but it is also about the individual feeling and understanding it, as it is their life and their story.

When this thought became embedded in me, I realised it was the key to helping overcome the structures and expectations that society has portrayed about what an ideal romantic relationship and partnership is all about or should be about.

Mutual respect, compassion, understanding, and faithfulness in every way must be there. But it is also about honouring the heart connection, first and foremost, and not comparing it to another union or relationship.

Each of us will have one or more serious relationships in our lifetime. Some relationships carry over many lifetimes and the relationship dynamic will vary. These relationships are there to help us learn lessons, and ultimately, grow.

Two individuals who are meant to be together and share a life partnership journey will always feel it in the core of their being, no matter what path they take.

Fate and destiny sometimes intervene to ensure the individuals follow their heart and listen to that inner intuition radar that is built within them. The Divine will send signs or orchestrate situations in order to help them understand their emotions, thoughts, and the challenges faced.

Daily discipline of prayer and positive affirmations, asking the Universe to clear everything within you and around you that no longer serves your highest good, helps.

The following is a prayer and affirmation I use daily and I give to my clients as a tool to centre and balance themselves. I perform it in the shower and I call it the Energetic Washing Machine:

“I call upon the Divine Universe to help clear and remove people and situations from my past and present that are no longer for my highest good. Purify and protect all that is good for me. I humbly thank you for showering me with all that is for my highest good—mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

I thank the Divine Universe for clearing all negative thoughts and emotions within my mind, heart, and psyche. Help me be balanced in moving forward positively in my life and to receive all that has been ordained for me.”

It can also be used while driving, doing laundry, or gardening. It helps to reaffirm your intentions that you are only allowing what is worthy of being in your life. It helps you stay in your loving power and allows your energies to be focused on that which matters to your journey.

It also helps in being able to let go of control of how and what you expect the outcome to be and to trust what will be will be. It helps clear away worry and anxieties, allowing us to remain in a confident balance, and allowing inner intuition and trust to kick in.

As the old saying goes, let go and let God!

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