September 5, 2018

Why Taking Care of the Planet is Good for the Soul.

You might have already jumped on the rapidly growing (and urgently needed) eco-friendly bandwagon.

Besides it being quite a trend, why else do we opt for reusable bags? Why do we choose chemical-free household cleaners or carbon-neutral shampoos? Is it because it’s what everyone else is doing? Does it make us feel good, knowing that we’re helping the earth stay healthy? Or perhaps we’ve just always done it that way.

While these are all good reasons to live an eco-conscious life, environmentally sustainable options aren’t only beneficial for the earth—they’re good for us, too.

Here’s a list of ways we feed our souls and nourish our bodies by being eco-friendly. It might help get you on that bandwagon, or it might just keep you happily buckled in on it.

  1. You feel good.
    Opting for green options makes us feel good. Knowing we aren’t contributing to the environmental crisis is a huge motivator. It’s soothing to know we aren’t causing more damage and trouble for the next generation to handle.
  2. Your body is healthier.
    Green products are better for the body. There are endless amounts of toxic chemicals in generic cleaning sprays—laden with harmful substances, flying through the air, hovering around your kitchen, and landing on your skin and onto the counter where your food sits. You’ll feel better using chemical-free surface sprays that you don’t need to evacuate the house for—and your body will thank you for it.
  3. You make new friends.
    Through learning about sustainable products and practices, you’ll find yourself amongst a new group of like-minded people. Whether you hop online to join a support group (Facebook is brilliant for these) or head to a local market or gathering, there are bound to be inspiring new friends welcoming you into the world of green. A group to share questions and tips with makes the entire process of switching to an eco-friendly life much easier—and more fun! You’ll feel uplifted and part of a positive community.
  4. You are in control.
    You’ll find a sense of power. Realising that we are in control of the planet’s health fuels our sense of purpose. This sparks our passion and makes us feel like we’re superwoman (or man)—ready to change the world for the better.
  5. You inspire.
    Your green practices inspire others. People will praise you for your efforts, and you’ll feel motivated to keep it up. You could inspire someone to do the same as you—and that is exactly how change begins.
  6. You might find a savvy income idea.
    From researching and implementing your own ways of living green, you might decide to start a new business venture. Many people are passionate about living sustainably, and some turn this passion into successful businesses and services. Imagine earning money from helping the earth and everyone on it!
  7. Your focus is on something positive.
    Learning about all of the wonderful alternatives to generic products will give you something external to focus on. Your focus on a positive change could become a new hobby and lead you away from disruptive habits or negative thinking patterns.
  8. You feel in tune.
    As you continue to learn about the earth’s health in relation to your own health, you will likely become more in tune with your body. We come from and live on the earth. It’s a powerful connection—we’re bound to feel more in tune with ourselves when putting earth-friendly practices in place.
  9. You enjoy the natural world.
    Hunting for eco-friendly alternatives leads you to understand more about the earth and the condition it’s in. You’ll enjoy simply sitting in the sun much more. You’ll appreciate nature and want to get outside into the fresh air. The more we learn about the earth, the more we can see its magic.
  10. Your fur babies will love you for it.
    Your pets inhale the same chemicals you do, and they lick the same heavily varnished floors you plant your shoes on.
  11. You will likely save money.
    You might notice you’re spending less. While green products can be more expensive, it’s not always the case. Homemade cleaning products are crazy cheap and just as effective. It’s common to find yourself using less of everything, too.

This list only touches on the endless benefits of planet-friendly practices. The personal perks impact our family members, friends, and even how well we perform at work.

We can begin to take care of our own well-being by taking of the earth’s well-being.

To learn more, read up, research, and connect. Head to your local environment center or have a chat with the friendly worker at the organic grocery store. Keep an eye out for plastic-free options when shopping and choose chemical-free products, or give making your own a go—they make great gifts. Experiment with healthy alternatives and implement them.

Small, individual steps lead to huge, global steps. We can make a change—for ourselves and for the earth.

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