October 16, 2018

How CBD Helped us Heal: 3 Women Share their Stories. {Partner}

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“I’ve got family responsibilities, multiple schedules to juggle, and I run a growing business with customers and employees. Every minute is scheduled, and I need to be at my best for everyone.”

This is what 36 year-old Lindsay of Los Angeles said when her friend recommended CBD.

Lindsay was concerned CBD would make it more difficult to focus during the day, but she was having trouble sleeping, so Lindsay agreed to try it.

Lindsay used Elixinol Liposomes before bed to help her sleep. “I was really surprised, the first night I used Liposomes, just 5 drops under my tongue, I slept so soundly, better than I ever had as an adult. The bonus was the next day, I felt clear, focused and in a great mood,” but after using Liposomes for over a year, Lindsay had trouble sleeping again.

“I wasn’t sure why I was experiencing trouble sleeping again, but I adjusted my CBD timing. It tastes great, so I added Liposomes to my morning smoothie instead. I used the same amount, 5 drops. That did the trick! I felt great throughout the day—focused and energetic—and I was sleeping through the night. It was a relief.”

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Lindsay’s CBD experience illustrates our body’s changing needs.

CBD works because it feeds the body’s master regulatory system: the endocannabinoid system and encourages a return to homeostasis. Homeostasis may feel different to different people.

Dr. Philip Blair, MD, says while he has never seen adverse reactions to CBD, he has seen people who needed to adjust their timing and frequency.

“It’s not uncommon for people to see results from CBD immediately. This is because for most people, the endocannabinoid system, is starving. That first serving of cannabinoids, CBD, the body’s reaction is immediate,”

“But everyone’s body is different and everyone’s body is changing. What your body needs when you first use CBD may differ from what your body needs after it has normalized,” he continues.

“For some people, they need to adjust the timing or frequency of CBD. Some people need less CBD after their body has adjusted. As the body returns to homeostasis, our bodies adjust,”

“While the endocannabinoid system needs CBD, and it’s needed to maintain homeostasis, it’s important to listen to what your body is telling you,” says Dr. Blair.

For Jessica, a 31-year old participant in the New York Marathon, CBD was an important addition to her training program.

“Running is just part of who I am, but it can be hard on my body. Before I used topical CBD (Rescue Balm), I would need to ice down after a major run, now I put Rescue Balm on after each run and I don’t need ice baths anymore—much to my relief.”

“I also add Liposomes to my water during my run,” says Jessica. “I stay hydrated and keep CBD in my system so my recovery time is better,” she continues.

CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties work both inside the body and topically. Skin is a great absorber and products like Rescue Balm work quickly to address targeted inflammation.

But women aren’t just using CBD to address inflammation, they’re seeing great results with skin health overall.

38-year old Chris added CBD-coconut oil to her morning routine.

“I have both adult acne and fine lines emerging, and products that address one issue usually make the other worse,” she says. “I added CBD-coconut oil to my lotion. Just a few drops, and I noticed a difference in my skin within a week—fine lines were less noticeable and I had fewer zits.”

This report didn’t surprise Dr. Blair in the slightest. A recent clinical trial of a facial serum containing CBD found a 100 percent overall improvement in skin appearance after two weeks. Eighty-five percent of the women reported improvement after just one week.

“Our skin is an outward reflection of what’s happening inside our bodies,” said Dr. Philip Blair. “And skin is richly endowed with endocannabinoid receptors that respond positively to CBD,” he continues.

“The skin just drinks up CBD,” said Dr. Blair. “With acne-prone skin, it helps inhibits bacteria growth and stops keratin plugs. With aging skin, it attenuates oxidative stress and increases elastic tissue,” he continues.

Many people use a topical product for troubled areas, including joints or skin concerns, combined with a product that’s ingested liked capsules or Liposomes under the tongue.

“The delivery method of CBD is up to the person. What you need to remember is any time something goes through your digestive tract, you lose potency. That’s why you often see CBD capsules with high quantities of CBD. If you’re using Liposomes in water, rather than as a tincture under the tongue, you may find you need more,” says Dr. Blair.

There are no known examples of people “overdosing” or getting too much CBD, but Dr. Blair says you need to find the right amount for your body and lifestyle. In fact, Dr. Blair points out, the risks with CBD are far less than many chemical compounds or even prescriptions.

“I usually recommend people start by using 15 mg twice daily and adjust early and often. With Lipsomes for example, that’s 5 pumps twice per day, but many of my patients use 60 mgs per day, so it’s just a matter of finding what works best for you,” said Dr. Blair

“My patients who use CBD feel so normal they only report what they feel like when they don’t use CBD,” says Dr. Blair.

Incorporating CBD into your own healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be confusing. Use the delivery method you like and take as much or as little as you need to see results.

Because CBD is a natural product, there’s little risk to the experimentation phase of adding CBD to a healthy lifestyle.

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