November 6, 2018

For Those who Carry the Weight of Another’s Soul. {Poem}


The weight of it is sneaky

the weight of another’s soul

little by little

they lay it on

until they no longer carry

the weight of their own load


The weight of it is heavy

the weight of another’s wounds

questions bite at your self-worth

as they try to heal their own

small words stack on your shoulders



rise up from the deep

leaving smoke screens

layers of confusion

between who you are

and who they need


The weight of it is lonely

the weight of another’s fears

insecurities muddy your confidence

and just when you thought

you walked together

hand in hand

from desert to oasis

the grip tightens

and you finally see

the mirage


The weight of it is scary

the weight of another’s life

a tightrope with

a tipping point

sharp edges

unpredictable winds


You walk on

then you stumble


You walk tall

then you crumble


One foot in front of the other

you’ve gone too far

to turn back


The weight of it is hard to face

the weight of the realization

that you owe this weight

to no one

that you owe a change

to no one

no one

but yourself


The weight of it is a wake-up call

to put down

what you’ve picked up


The weight of this is not yours

to carry

go on

set it down

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Read 6 comments and reply

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