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November 16, 2018

How Productivity Can Be Improved By The Right Office Furniture

On an average workday, about 5 hours and 41 minutes are spent sitting at our desks. When you combine that will all of the time that is spent sitting in our vehicles commuting to and from work, and also sitting at the dinner table and in front of the television, it turns out that the average American sits for approximately 13 hours per day.  That adds up to a ton of time being spent sitting on our rear ends!


Since a major part of our regular routines is sitting, it is reasonable to think that it is very important that we take the time to be as comfortable as we can be.  Particularly in spaces such as the workplace, ensuring that we are efficient and comfortable is essential to using time productively.


Proper ergonomics plays a significant role is supporting comfort in the workplace and working to minimize the amount of strain on one’s body.  Therefore, the office furniture that you choose should consider the design ergonomics in order to support workplace productivity better.


Here is a closer look at how ergonomics may play an essential role in the workplace, and what you need to look for when you shop for office furniture.


Productivity Is Promoted By Perfect Posture


If all humans were built in the exact same way, then it would be really easy to design office furniture  However, that is not true, so it is essential to search for office furniture that accommodates individuals of all sizes and shapes.


Although the industry standard for a majority of desk heights in the marketplace is 29 inches, many people think that the ideal height for the average person is 27 inches.


The same is true for office chairs, which are engineered usually for holding an individual of average weight and height. Therefore, if you happen to be taller than average (for example), you will want to consider getting a chair that takes into account increased size.


This is all based on the perfect ergonomic conditions for the workplace, including the following:  


Elbows and arms: Your elbows should fall on the armrest of your chair where they are even with the surface of the desk, and where a parallel plane is created with your wrists. That position enables your wrists to comfortably rest on the surface of the desk – which is the perfect position for writing or typing. Therefore, for people who work at the computer all day long, stationary desks that have a pullout keyboard drawer lying right under a 29-inch standard high desktop provide the perfect height for the average person sitting at their desk.    


Feet and legs: With long hours spent sitting at work, this frequently can result in fatigue, nerve pain, long-term muscle pain, and body aches.  So similar to the perfect position for your elbows and arms, your leg should be at a 90-degree angle as well, which lets your feet rest on the floor flat.


Blood circulation is also supported by this posture, which helps a worker stay productive and comfortable. You can find the ideal sitting position by having an office chair that has adjustable armrests and seat height, in addition to a removable/adjustable headrest.


Your monitor and eyes: When you are seated in the right position, looking straight ahead of you, your eyes should ideally be even with the top third part of the computer screen.  As you continue to grow tired over the course the day, you will naturally have a tendency to look down a lot more, so that height provides you with some flexibility for keeping your eyes on your computer screen.


It is also very important for your monitor to not be too close or too far away.  When your arms are straight out in front of you, the monitor should be in between your fully extended fingertips and where your knuckles are located when you make a fist.  The perfect distance will prevent your eyes from a need to strain in order to focus on the computer screen.


Boost Healthy Habits And Get Up On Your Feet


These days it is widely knowing that standing up from time to time throughout a workday can help to promote mental concentration, help you fight against medical conditions that arise from sitting for extended periods of time and is a healthy habit to practice.


With all of that in mind, the best ally you can have to help you work comfortably is to have a standing lift desk.  This can help you stay in a stress-free position when you are sitting down, and also adjusts to a standing height when necessary.  


Another advantage offered by a standing desk is when you have the right one it can adapt to your body. As you continue to age, your posture will naturally have small changes to it that can make it harder to find the right working position for you.  You can easily adjust an electric sit-stand desk throughout the workday, which allows you to work at your very best at all times.


Other things to consider having an effective workplace include the following:


– Cable Management. From cell phone chargers to printers, keyboards and monitors, a desktop has a tendency to get quite messy and crowded without having a way of keeping all of the cords out-of-sight and organized.


– Modular furniture.  An ideal way of creating the optimal daily set up for you is to have office systems that allow you to add components as needed, or let you configure your workspace according to your exact space requirements.  


– Adjustable features. Furniture that is on wheels or that has movable shelves allows you to accommodate the office equipment that you use every day, and that makes it easier for you to move it around and make it easier to access.


– Workspace Aesthetics.  Whenever you are working a space you really like, you have a tendency to be more productive.  With all of the well-designed options that are currently available in the marketplace, it is easier than ever before to find the office collection or desk that suits your needs and style the best.


Ultimately, whenever you are getting your office space set up, it is very important to search for furniture that has plenty of useful features, supports healthy ergonomic habits, is functional, and most important of all, has been designed to make your life more convenient and easier.


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