November 21, 2018

What your child’s development needs less and more of. {Partner}

This article is offered in partnership with Lovevery. They are dedicated to giving children and parents the best start, and we’re delighted to share their beautiful, innovative products with you. ~ ed.


“Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play, children learn how to learn.” ~ O. Fred Donaldson


“I’m a great imaginator.”

These are some of the best words that have ever come out of our 3-year-old son’s mouth. They affirm some of the decisions we’ve had to endure a few disapproving looks and questions over, through the years.

Decisions like: fewer flashy birthday gifts, less screen time, not as many organized activities, and sometimes saying no to birthday party or playdate invitations…

We do this because one of the things we’ve learned as parents is that children are better off with less: less stuff, less entertainment, less structured time, and less rushing around from one playdate and party to another.

What they really need is more: more free time, more space, and more opportunities to learn through child-led play, with toys that actually work for them. And they need more slowness and presence and awareness from the adults in their lives while they explore this wide world.

But saying no to the wrong toys is a lot easier than knowing which toys to say yes to. This is where Lovevery’s staged play kits—a new, subscription system of science-based toys for a baby’s first year—are totally unique in the world of playthings.

“Children spell love…T.I.M.E.” ~ Dr A. Witham

Play is the work of childhood, and part of our role as mindful parents is to introduce our children to ways and means of play that will help them learn and develop into the best adjusted little people they can be. The other part is the loving support we offer as they explore and grow.

The rapid development of a child’s brain starts from birth—even before birth really. And, as one of the leading thinkers of our time on child development and education, Maria Montessori, taught us, a child’s first year on earth is where we can set strong foundations for lifetime of learning.

As parents these days, we’re faced with an overwhelm of information online, the gauntlet of mega toy stores, Amazon, and well-meaning friends and family, plus we’re busier than ever. So where the heck do we start? Especially as we head into holiday season—a time when excess and busyness can seem almost unavoidable.

Gifts are wonderful, and we all enjoy giving and receiving them, but how do we do that without feeding this craziness and sucking our children into it. How do we give the most important gift of all? The gift of less quantity and more quality. Less overwhelm and more joy. Less entertainment and more loving interaction—both in the holidays, and year-round?

“The days are long but the years are short.” ~ Gretchen Rubin

Lovevery holds at its heart the Montessori principles of caring for and nurturing the whole child by honoring the way babies and children naturally develop, learn, and start to make sense of the world around them.

This caring little company—founded by a mother and her friend and fellow parent who wanted better play choices for their children—is dedicated to giving parents the right toys and tools for our children, from birth, that will help them do what they were born to do: discover, interact, learn, grow, and, eventually…imagine and create.

Eventually, they plan to offer kits all the way up to 6 years, but for now their wonder-inducing playthings come in beautiful, thoughtful, practical sets for each key stage of a child’s development from age 0-1 which make the absolute best gifts for both new parents and new babies alike.

Babies basically won’t need anything else in the way of developmental toys all the way to year one with this play kit arriving every two months to keep them—and, just importantly, parents—going.


Lovevery Baby’s Play Kit Collection

Wonder-inducing playthings, delivered every other month. Starting at $36 a month. Play and learn at every stage.

1. Ball Drop Box

Inside the Inspector Play Kit for Months 7-8
Build gross motor skills while learning that something can be there even when you can't see it.
Explore The Inspector Play Kit
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Except perhaps Lovevery’s equally gorgeous, highly acclaimed, eco, ethical baby play gym that actually grows and adapts with your child in their first exciting and change-filled year on earth.

Most new parents today agree: we’re all overwhelmed with information, but we’re still a bit stumped on exactly how to play with our children at each new stage as they grow and change so fast. As adults with too many parenting books and article at the tips of our fingers, we’ve almost forgotten how to just be and play with our children in ways that will benefit both their growing brains, and our relationship with them.

This is a big part of what’s so delightful about Lovevery’s play kits in particular. They each come with a high quality, expert-backed instructional guide for parents about exactly what is happening with our children at each stage and how we can use each item in the box to encourage bonding and development.

“I have worked as a developmental specialist and educator for the past ten years. Strategic selection of toys was vital to me when I had my first baby. We love the playkits and as I read over the suggested play tips, I find that everything is spot on. This is so rare in today’s toy market.” ~ Kate

It’s basically like having “a personal shopper for your baby—who also happens to have amazing taste and a degree in developmental psychology,” according to coolmompicks.com.

Just enter your baby’s birth date and, every other month, you’ll get a new box of gorgeous, age-appropriate organic, ethically-sourced toys, curated by Lovevery’s panel of experts. It’s the absolute perfect gift for the busy parents of today.

“The play kits are so convenient for our family. We don’t have time to research the best toys for brain development for our precious little one. Lovevery has done that research for us. The Montessori style toys are a great introduction to play time, especially if you are planning on continuing with Montessori education in preschool and beyond. I have always been careful to avoid giving my baby any toys made from toxic materials. I am so pleased the play kits are made from organic cotton fabric and wood. We are excited to receive our next box in 2 months!” ~ Elizabeth

So, these holidays, and year-round, give the gift of simple, lasting toys. Support for yourself as a parent, knowing you’re offering your children the best quality playtime, and discover a whole new set of fun ways to interact with and teach your baby. (Psst: each box comes with a thoughtful little gift just for parents!)

“Simplifying childhood may protect against mental health issues.” ~ Tracy Gillet

Children need simplicity, from the beginning. And we owe it to them to hold space for this. To not allow busyness and overstimulation to invade their early years.

Because those first discovery games lead to imaginative ones…to cardboard forts, works of art, songs, stories, and invention…which lead to creative solutions for the problems we face as human beings today, and to better ways of living and being in this beautiful, crazy, lost world of ours.

It’s $36 a month for exactly the right things your child needs to become the brightest versions of themselves. Just add love, and a little time.
Discover the Lovevery play kit for your child’s stage of development >>



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