November 10, 2018

Why I Choose to be Naked on Instagram.

“Why don’t you put some clothes on?”

This question in my comments, my DMs.

“Why do you have to be naked?”

Because this is us.

Children love to be naked.
They do not compare waistlines.
They do not judge skin tones.
They do not wonder what kind of conditioner another child uses because their hair is so shiny.
They are.
They see what most cannot.
They understand there is beauty in form, happiness in freedom.

And then we teach them to lose it.
We offer up shame and confusion, hard lines, and stereotypes.
We take away their inherent beauty and replace it with doubt.

I choose to take nude photos because I am relearning.
I am relearning about the joy in my body.
I am relearning letting go.
I am relearning that it is better to have fun and play than to criticize and critique.

I post pictures like this because they make me laugh and they make me happy.

Our happiness is not yours to steal.
But maybe through these pictures there is a happiness we can share.
Maybe through these pictures you will find your happiness is already there.
And we can get back to the simple joys of looking at humans with love.



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