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December 18, 2018

3 Ways to Live Your Dream Every Day Right Now

“They let me go” he said.


Four words I never thought I would hear come out of my husband’s mouth.


It had to be a bad dream, this doesn’t happen to people like us.


I stood, stared into the mirror and told myself,

“It’s time to put into play what you know to be true. This isn’t a bad dream.  This is the opportunity to begin a really good one. The one you’ve dreamt of.”


There is the potential to experience life right now like it’s a dream.  A beautifully orchestrated one that is meant for one person, YOU!


1. Change your words

Yep, really!  Your dream life is possible right now BUT it’s on the other side of realizing the simple truth that you’ve got to change something to get a different result. If you are unsatisfied with your life then do something about it!  Changing your words is a great place to start. The words you speak are a reflection of your thoughts and ideas.

I’m not talking about looking at your favorite Zig Ziglar quote once a day. I’m talking about lasting change that’s deep on a cellular level.

We’re addicted to our thoughts, emotions, and words. Our nerves and cells love habits and thrive off of memories.

Good news-we can change those habits and there’s no good time to change like the present.

Whether it’s down-playing compliments we receive, giving negative self-talk to ourselves or using defeating language with our kids; words can stop us from fully experiencing life in a very abundant way!

Many of us have grown up using scarce language without giving it a second thought, not even knowing the consequences. We are the captains of our fate and in almost every scenario our ‘have tos’, ‘can’ts’ and ‘don’t have time tos’ are a matter of prioritization. Want to live your dream life?  Start by realizing that we control “us”.

Limiting words and phrases:

I hate my hair”

We can’t afford that”

I don’t have time for this”

I have to go to this meeting”

These words and phrases tell our minds and cells that we are NOT masters of our destinies and that our situations or reactions to situations are happen chance.

Observe yourself, do you talk like this?

Empower yourself to make small and simple changes to your language. Like the old saying goes, “ by the small and simple things are great things brought to pass.”

Start practicing these types of phrases:

I am beautiful and unique and my hair-exactly the way it’s supposed to be”

How can I afford this?”

I choose to make time for this”

I get to go to this meeting”

Your dream depends on it. Make it a priority to have an abundant language with yourself and with the way you speak with others.


2. Self Care is the Dream Work

It’s hard to pour from an empty glass.

Seems kind of funny when you put it this way but how often do we give, give, give and then wonder why we are so exhausted and can’t see the good in anything or anyone including our own lives?

We find ourselves empty to pour.

Self care is a powerful way to fill that cup. The true beauty here, it looks different for everyone. There isn’t a right or wrong answer.  If it’s a positive activity and takes care of your mental, physical, spiritual or emotional well-being than you are golden!

For me, it looks like a morning run or yoga session followed by meditation. Maybe a 15-minute afternoon power nap, a chai latte, a regular hair-cut, massage or a date night with my hubby.

Some days it’s a shower and throwing on a pair of my favorite yoga pants.  Other days it’s shaving my legs and actually DOING my hair.

The sky’s the limit and when you make the time to have little regular self-care regimens you feel like the sky IS the limit  L-I-T-E-R-A-L-L-Y!!! Go figure.


3. Gratitude in All Things

When my husband was let go from his job I had two personal choices.

See the purpose. Or hate the people that unjustly used my husband and play the victim.

Five months later my husband accepted a job offer with a company we were inspired to go for. We received the spiritual answers that it would be an opportunity that would launch both of us into amazing new heights and opportunities.

Within a few weeks, we both knew this was NOT what we were expecting but neither of us wanted to admit it. Doubt and frustration started to seep into our marriage and our thoughts.

His boss was toxic.  

Toxic in his words about everyone and everything in his life, including my husband. He was addicted to his work because his home and family life were so terrible which meant my husband’s personal life meant nothing to him. He was a raging drunk and in his eyes, my husband was a piece of property.


“What happened to the amazing new heights and opportunities I thought?”

We hung on. Three months later my husband landed in the hospital with a kidney stone of epic proportions.

It was a core shaking experience.  Now we both look back on it and see the power.

Gratitude in ALL things.

Gratitude in a lost job, a toxic work environment, a kidney stone.

But also for savings, for assets we could liquidate.  

For family support and love.

For my income, my business and for the light bulb that finally flipped on in my head; my business and ideas were something no one could ever take away from me.

For the ability to pass an insanely large kidney stone and for the knowledge that when one door closes others open.

My husband accepted another offer just one week after he delivered his beautiful little beast of a kidney stone.  It led to amazing experiences and vacations to different parts of the world and led to yet more career and business endeavors for him and our family.

An experience that strengthened my will as a business owner and as a mom to teach the principles of self-reliance to my kids.

It was one of the most phenomenal 10 months of my life because I came to know the truth about living the dream.

You make the dream.

Gratitude for even the smallest things in my life made all the difference in the world.  I held on to the knowledge of things that were not in my view yet, still knowing they were coming!

It’s a unique kind of trust and faith and I’m here to tell you that you can live your dream life.  The universe wants what you want if you are willing to take the steps forward towards it. Just try it. These three things might be simple but the most powerful things in life are simple aren’t they?



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