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December 17, 2018

How focusing on good creates a better world

Artist Josie released the new single ‘Cloudy Skies in Paradise’ and music video with a Christmas message and intention for the new year. The song is about focusing on good. On good in the world and in each other and things that feel good in order to attract more of the same energy and create an other world. The one we want. 

Josie: “We have been brought up in a society where talking about what we don’t want, bad news and hardship is more dominant then focusing on joy and happiness, what is good in the world and each other. What will happen when we let life expand from there? When I had a period of dark clouds focusing on good got me back up my feet again as the energy and the law of attraction will bring you more. I hope my music and video inspires more people to follow,” the singer/composer explains.

“I truly believe the media, social media and talking about all we don’t want, on what we define as ‘not good’ has an enormous effect of how the world is. When we stop doing that, we can create a better world, as we are co creators and the Universe brings us more of what we focus on. Teachers like Eckhart Tolle and Abraham Hicks have been trying to tell us that for years. I feel its time to do it!” she adds.

Earlier this year Josie got an interview on iHeart Radio about how she discovered the power of following joy and focusing on good and had an interview in the American e-Magazine No Strings Attached.

The song Cloudy Skies in Paradise is produced by Pharos Music. The mix/mastering was made by Lex Amrein, Triple A Studio’s, Netherlands, who worked with Sister Sledge, Dave Weckl, Mike Stern, Gino Vannelli and more. Earlier Josie released 13 singles in the genre ambient/pop with DJ/Lyricist Renegato under the name of Sound of Lighthouse. They also released two albums; Salida del Sol (2015) and Close To You (2017). Cloudy Skies in Paradise is released on the Pharos Music label.

The single Cloudy Skies in Paradise is available at, itunes, apple music and Amazon.


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