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December 10, 2018

Reiki – Yes its for YOU GENTS TOO!

Reiki – Yes is for You Gents too!

I know, I know, we all know that women are supposedly more open and interested in complementary therapies and hippy dippy stuff as my husband likes to call it. But you guys know that’s not really quite true don’t you.

Yes, Women have no qualms in going for a massage, meditation class, yoga class, mindfulness classes and, yes, I know what you are thinking, and you are right, there are not as many men attending these as women, why, indeed you will most likely be outnumbered four to one… doesn’t this need to change?

Women are generally more open when it comes to emotional stuff, Feelings, talking and escapism. We women have been deemed by society to be soft and delicate and in touch with our feelings, too emotional. Nothing wrong with that, in fact it’s very healthy, that’s why we live longer, we are generally able to release these pent-up emotions easier. This ability is a great, and also a hugely under rated strength that women possess and that men need to strengthen. This ability, this strength, it’s there within you guys, always has been, you just need to know that’s its ok to explore this side of you.

Guys really have drawn the sort straw. Society over the millennia has told you that you are not really allowed to show your more sensitive side, your feelings, your stresses and worries.  You can and do have them, but heaven forbid you actually talk about it let alone show anyone! – Crazy Right! – Let’s Change this perception together.

Guys, generally, tend be more practical and like to have facts and figures, whereas women can generally see the grey in-between.

The way that alternative, hippy dippy treatments are explained, has been more geared to the language women are drawn too and use on a daily basis. No wonder you steer clear!

Guys, you need it and like information more direct and to the point. Nothing wrong with any of this, we are all different and indeed some women need it in practical, factual terms too it just depends on how you are wired, all these differences and quirks make life and the world more interesting if we only embrace the differences rather than shun them to one side as if they shouldn’t exist, what a great place this would be.

We all have male and female traits. We all understand and process the same thing differently, and I do hate the way alternative treatments are sometimes pitched (hey you may even hate the way I pitch it and that’s ok!)

Reiki is a treatment which I find, (even though I am trained and have the certificates) difficult to explain sometimes. It’s one of those things that you can read as much as you like about it and talk about it with many different people, who, of course are all giving different options and explanations and yet you still don’t, “get it”.  My answer…YOU really have to experience it to truly understand it.

My definition which helped me (yes, a woman), get my head around what Reiki is, was to describe and break it down into a more practical sense. (Perhaps my background growing up as a joiner’s daughter and helping build houses, crawling under floors, laying carpets and fitting roofs, and dealing in facts and figures in my day job has something to do with it)

So, Fact:

Everything, EVERYTHING including yourself, is made up of matter and energy. They move around at different frequencies the slower the more solid = You. The faster the molecules and sciency things move, you see liquid and when they are going really fast it’s a Gas.

So, your energy is running if you like… like a gas you can’t see it. If your energy is going slow, you will feel more sluggish, if your energy is running too high you are more likely to feel hyper, stressed out.  – That’s it in very very simple terms (apologies to all scientist out there).

Reiki can help even out the energy flow, get it aligned, unblocked and running at the right speed and direction specific for you.

Imagine a plug… a cable… and the cable leading to the light bulb.

The light bulb is flickering, dull, not giving off a constant warming glow like it should.

So, first, you check the plug (your crown chakra). Is the flow of energy getting in, is it connected, we move down the cable checking for any kinks and knots in the cable which could be stopping the energy from flowing correctly (each knot or kink ,think of that as one of your chakras, energy points) Once all the kinks and knots have been straightened out, unblocked and the energy flowing through all the points freely, your light bulb is glowing bright and strong (you are the light bulb).

Does that make sense? If the energy is not flowing then the light bulb wont shine, so if your energy is not flowing then you will not shine to your full potential.

Gents – Yes you are, and will be for many more years to come the more sceptical of the species, this is ingrained and its not your fault so don’t beat yourself up. The fact that you are even reading this, shows that you are interested, that you are willing to explore different possibilities (other than what “the doctor ordered” or just sweeping it under the carpet thinking it will go away). That in its self must be applauded. There should be no shame attached in looking after yourself, there should be no shame in exploring your emotional side, there should be no shame in reaching out for help. If you hold shame, Own It. Address it. Overcome it.  Reiki can help you, it will not take one session, it may take a few. Don’t think after one that that’s, it all fixed. Your journey can be a quick nip to the shops or it could be a long haul to Australia, everyone’s experience is completely different, as is every treatment you receive. Stick with it. Guys, we know you like the quick fix, let that go, just let it all go don’t put any time limit on you.

Reiki can help with many, many things, the list is vast, too vast for here. But I have put together a glimpse what Reiki can help with.

Depression, stress, fatigue, relationship issues, relieve emotional stress, improve your overall wellbeing, help induce deep relaxation, help manage any side effects from medication, aids better sleep…. The list goes on.

So…you’ve got this far, don’t stop now… the universe is telling you its time (I know I had to get in some hippy dippy thoughts for you but it’s true, pay attention to what the universe and your body is telling you)… Book a session with myself, try it and if all you do is sleep for the first session, FANTASTIC! Your will be experiencing relaxation and the Reiki does only what its is needed right there and then.

Visit my website for more information – or if you want to go for it and book an appointment or indeed if you want to ask some questions first, you can contact me by private message through my Facebook page @holisticsoulaberdeen, or you can email me at [email protected].

If you don’t think I’m the practitioner for you, that’s ok, its great in fact, you are listening to yourself going with your prehistoric gut instinct. Please check out Reiki Therapists in your area, visit their websites, contact them and talk to them and if they resonate to you, if you are instantly drawn to them, then that’s the practitioner for you.

Allow the change to happen, allow the chain reaction to take place, it only takes one to start the ball rolling and you could be that guy who inspires other guys to take the plunge and embrace who they are and to know its ok to look after yourself emotionally, mentally and physically.

With lots of hippy dippy love



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