December 18, 2018

A Fun & Tasty Way to Get all the Benefits of CBD on the Go. {Partner}

This article is shared in partnership with Weller—an Elephant Mindful Partner. They’re dedicated to creating healthy and effective CBD infused snacks, and we’re honored to share their offerings with you. ~ ed.


Here’s one CBD snack that is actually healthy for you…

CBD (cannabidiol) is the buzzword on everyone’s lips right now.

With Congress voting to legalize it (and other hemp products), as well as the current explosion of the CBD market across the world, we’re all starting to wake up to the potential superpowers of this versatile plant and the amazing lifestyle and wellness benefits it could offer us all.

However, even as more of us venture into the world of hemp and CBD, most still feel a little self-conscious about openly grabbing a half dropper of CBD oil before a meeting at the office, or while out shopping for groceries, say. When I talk to friends about how I’ve incorporated CBD into my healthy lifestyle, most of them still ask me if it makes me “feel weird.”

Although most people I speak to are definitely curious about how much CBD can and has helped me (and many others) with stress and anxiety relief, there’s still something about it that feels a little taboo, or too left of center for many of us. But CBD truly is for everyone.

It’s a powerful wellness supplement we should all be able to incorporate in our day to day lives, without “feeling weird” about it. The easiest, tastiest, most convenient way to do this right now is through CBD infused snacks.

CBD infused snacks are a fun and friendly way to get all the benefits of CBD.

CBD infused snacks have none of the awkwardness of taking the oil from a dropper “medicinally,” but all of the benefits of a calmer, more focused, more productive you that come from incorporating CBD into your healthy lifestyle.

The one downside of this boom is that it’s a total jungle out there, and trying to figure out which CBD products are high quality can be tricky. And what exactly does high quality even mean when it comes to a functional health food like CBD snacks?

Well, it means ingredients that originate from trustworthy sources (not just the CBD—all the others, too). This is where one CBD infused snack company really stands out as a pioneer in an already crowded industry…

Weller is a Colorado-based company dedicated to offering wellness lovers a seamless way to incorporate CBD into our lifestyles. Their delicious CBD infused food products are a consistent, reliable, and convenient way to get all the health-supporting benefits of CBD.

And, at a time when pretty much all other CBD snack options on the market come in the form of treats or sweets (think cookies, gummies, and chocolates), Weller’s range stand out as a more natural, healthy, all day, every day solution to CBD snacking.

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What’s so Special about Weller?

This innovative little company was founded by natural food industry veterans, John and Matt, who have brought together their natural food expertise with the power of CBD to create a truly functional wellness snack.

Not only do they tick all the right boxes on paper, but their Coconut Bites are the absolute yummiest on the market. (I can’t actually decide which of their three flavors—dark chocolate, caramel, and original—I like best!)

Their light, crispy texture and plant-powered ingredients always leave me feeling uplifted and revitalized—both physically and mentally.

“We are a passionate team of athletes, engineers, foodies and yogis who have spent 30+ collective years in the natural food industry. Wellness through diet and lifestyle is second nature for us all and hemp CBD has played a part in each of our wellness journeys in a deep way. With this, Weller was born and we cannot wait to share these effective and insanely delicious products with the world.” ~ John Simmons, co-founder of Weller

The thing is, so many of us spend our daily dollars on food and drink to nourish, soothe, and fuel our bodies, but how much of what we snack on is actually giving us pure goodness in every bite or sip?

How many of us regularly buy ourselves a latte on the way to work, hoping it’ll make us feel calmer, more focused, and more ready to face the day? But—while I ain’t about to give up my morning black Americano for anything—how much benefit do we truly derive from our daily fix?

Sure, it’s a tasty, temporary pick-me-up, but what about the milk-bloat and the energy crash that come later? Is this usually more than $5 a day spend really giving us the relief and refreshment we desire?

Weller offers a delightful—and actually effective—alternative to the habitual pick-me-ups we all seek.

Each one of their tasty little coconut bites is infused with 5mg of premium, full-spectrum hemp, grown sustainably in Colorado. Their clean extraction methods, proprietary infusion process, clean lineage, and third-party testing are also massive green flags for any conscious consumer.

In fact, Weller is excited to be one of the country’s first clean lineage CBD food companies to emerge during the monumental decision and approval by legislation for the Farm Bill which now legalizes the cultivation of industrial hemp.

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Why is quality & clean lineage so important when it comes to CBD snacks?

If you are experts in food, as Matt and John are, then quality control and food safety goes without saying, but this is not true for everyone in the industry, many of whom are just muscling in to make a buck off the boom. 

Clean lineage refers to the fact that there is no relation to or contact with marijuana or marijuana products in any of the production process. Weller prides themselves on this.

The delicate balance of active ingredients is also something they strive to uphold. In Weller’s CBD Coconut Bites, MCT Oil captures the active cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and other essential plant compounds.

Independent quality control is where those who cut corners in the industry really come out in the wash, and Weller sends all their products to a 3rd party lab for analysis and potency verification. 

If we’re going to be putting such a powerful plant product in our bodies, we need to know it’s been handled with care and respect from the get-go, so that we can trust it’s doing exactly what it says on the packet.

Each Weller Coconut Bite contains:

>> 5mg of CBD from full-spectrum hemp extract grown sustainably in Colorado

>> No GMO ingredients

>> Zero gluten

>> 100% vegan ingredients

>> Less than 2 grams of sugar per bite

>> Only a few, pure, simple, plant-based ingredients

(And stay tuned: they’re coming out with even more solutions to fit CBD wellness into your daily routine in early 2019.)

Wellness is definitely not a one-size-fits-all thing, but…

…As thoughtful, empowered consumers, it’s important that we know exactly what we’re putting in our bodies, so that we can decide whether it’s genuinely impacting our well-being for the better.

If we’re going to invest our hard-earned dollars in our health every day, let’s make sure our investments are smart, sustainable, truly beneficial ones. And if we’re going to show up in our lives, let’s make sure we’re calm, grounded so we can show up as our best selves for this crazy, troubled, wonderful world of ours.

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Weller Delights: healthy CBD infused snacks.

1. Dark chocolate multi pack

Enjoy the decadent aroma of dark chocolate paired with the light, crispy texture of our Coconut Bites for a chocolate, coconut, CBD combo you will crave! Each bite is infused with the 5mg of CBD from full-spectrum hemp extract allowing you to find your desired level of relief.
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