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December 10, 2018

The Simplicity of Awakening

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Yes, even goal setting can be an expression of Awake Awareness!

Awakening is simple. Thought is complex. The Radiance of your Being is simple, sacred, and omnipresent. Waking up to this Radiance – seeing, feeling, being It in this very moment – is the practice of awakening.

This Nano-Teaching , drawn from a four-part teaching presented to the Wisdom Heart Community, points to that Ever-present Simplicity…

Highlights from this teaching:

  • What it means to be asleep AND how to wake up
  • Why we miss the ever-presence of Radiance
  • Uncovering the Sacred in every moment

Now is the Moment
This selection from the longer Wisdom Heart program is a reminder to:

  • Kindle your enthusiasm for spiritual practice
  • Open to the Holy in this moment
  • Share the Radiance in simple, human ways with all you meet

Awakening is simple AND isn’t a DIY project
While no one can awaken for you – you do not awaken alone. All of life – every person, event, thing that enters your field of awareness – is here for your awakening. Everything is here to celebrate the Radiance. But, life won’t force you to awaken. It will just smile and wait for you to return home.

The Wisdom Heart Community to those who are ready to go deeper.
To step into the fire of awakening and share the sacred warmth and holy light with all beings.

To learn more about the Wisdom Heart Community click here.

Love & Shanti,
E & D

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