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December 22, 2018

Ways To Create More Space In Your Life, Make Room For Something New

We all get tired of trying same thing over and over again at one point of our life, we tend to get bored that daily activities, work or interest. We all need to spice up our life and living by getting involve in great and new things over and over again.

Life can’t be worth living without one or two spice up which we can’t do without. I remember one day when I came across one of this famous author named Joanna Gaines book which she titled A guide to creating spaces you never want to leave where she gives guideline which will help access your priorities and instincts as well as your likes and dislikes.

She speaks about how to maintain space you never wish to lose, as a person how do you create something new, here are few ways.

Have alone moments: Create time to be alone, sometimes having free time for yourself gives you the ability to think far from the box. Nothing is sweet than having new idea which will help you explore in your world. To create something new you need to meditate. Nothing is more fun than having sweet days to create something new.

Create Happiness for yourself: Find things that makes you happy and find time to venture more on it, these is also a great way for you to create something new and more captivating. Having to work on what you love doing is a good way to create room for new things, new experience or new idea.

Don’t inconvenience yourself: Work basically on the things you enjoy doing, if you have to say yes make sure you actually mean yes, never do things that you don’t find happiness while doing. Inconveniencing yourself to make someone else happy is never a great way to explore the world, work on yourself in order to make yourself happy and fun filled. You can only create new things by doing what you actually enjoy doing the most.

Try new meal: Eat good meals and most especially try foods that you haven’t eaten and be very sure you will enjoy it. Cook good meals, work on getting food recipes and enjoy the food. By getting ideas on recipes is also a great way to try new ideas and still enjoy yourself while doing it, nothing is more captivating than filling your stomach with nice spice meals and at the same time still building up new ideas.

Create a to do list: Never fail to create time to put down your ideas, creating your to do list is actually one of the fun part of creating new ideas, knowing what to do and doing them step by step is actually the fun part as each step open door for new experiences and happiness. Working on what you love doing is a great way to explore the world and create more space in your life.

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