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December 1, 2018

Why seeing the future isn’t what you think it is and 3 simple steps to activate your future vision

The concept of seeing or knowing the future is not commonly accepted in the society. Majority of people believe that timeline is linear that we can only time travel from past to present to future. And for those who believe that they can see or know the future generally being labelled as a psychic or fortune teller.

If you read this article, chance is that you have an interest to know if you can tap into this power. I can definitely resonate with you as I am and was in the same boat as you are. Growing up, I used to be fascinated by others that have the ability to see the future. Chinese people have always had a flair for future reading, like palm reading, numerology, iChing, Tarot and many more. I remembered my grandmother used to take me to future reading and I looked at the reader and wondered what it would take to know and see the future.

Fast forward to 2013, I started to develop my intuition through extensive spiritual growth which leads to development of my ability to see, know or read the future. One thing that I discovered is knowing or seeing the future is actually a really simple process without needing special gifts, skills, or talents.

Contrary to common beliefs, everyone has the ability to see the future and we have done it on daily basis unconsciously. Do you remember when you shopped for an outfit to wear to a special dinner party? You tried it on then looked at yourself on the mirror to see if that’s how you want to present yourself at the party. Well, at that moment you stepped into your future time space and saw what the outcome would be.

Visioning to the further out in the future or bigger event such as your new career is essentially the same process as planning your next dinner. However, just like developing any new skills, you will need to practice and master the process. You don’t just wake up one day and run, you started to crawl, stand, walk then run.

Knowing about the future can be beneficial on decision making. You get to see the possibility of outcome from different options that you want to take. So, if this idea interests you then firstly you will need to release any limiting beliefs associated with it.

Remember, that you create life experience in accordance to your belief system, so when you hold the belief that you cannot see the future or timeline is linear, you will create that exact life experience. Releasing these beliefs is necessary to be able to know the future. Our mind has amazing capability to achieve anything that we set our energy into.

Here are the 3 simple daily steps that you can implement starting today to activate your visioning power:

  1. Start daily journaling on future instead of past events

When my mentor, Roger Hamilton mentioned that he spent more time to journal on future than past, penny dropped. He said one thing that struck the chord with me is that we are so good in remembering about our past but not of our future. This is due to how we were educated in school, emphasis was placed on memory test and yet we never spent time to envisage our future. And also, our subconscious mind love similarity or known factor, which is based on past memories.

Start future journaling with daily future events, like what you are going to do in the weekend or where you are going to go on next holiday. When you are doing this, take some time to visualise on details of how this would look and feel like. I would also encourage you to imagine what it feels like or the outcome be if you take different option. Then evaluate which option that would give you the best possible outcome.

  1. Validate your future vision to develop better accuracy

Once you start practicing the future journaling, then you can start validating this by after the event pass. Initially, you may not have great success however over time as you develop higher level of accuracy, the stronger your self confident will be the more precise your visioning result be.

  1. Every night before bed visualise how your next day would be

This exercise is not only good for envision your future, but it is also a powerful exercise to create your ideal day. That little moment of your brainwave dropped to theta level, just before you fall asleep, is the perfect space to manifest your desire. So leverage this opportunity to create the life experience that you want into your life.

When you put these routines into daily practice, your life will start to transform. You are no longer being an object of random life experience, but you are consciously creating the life according to your conscious intention. You are more powerful that you can ever imagine. Our human body may have limitations however our soul, the essence of who we are, is limitless. We are not a human being having spiritual experience, we are a spiritual being having human experience. Our soul is multidimensional being and have the ability to travel through time and space


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