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January 16, 2019

5 things that don’t deserve your energy in 2019.

How much time have you spent worrying or overthinking something that in reality, you had no control over?

We can experience sleepless nights, nerve-wracking days and even months or years wasted on something that does not deserve the energy we are giving it. If you could take all that energy and place it toward a goal or a new habit, what would your life look like? Would you have achieved more? Would your days be more productive?

It may please you to know that most of what worry about has no impact on the course of our lives. I’m sure if you think back to a time where you became extremely fearful of a possibility, you went onto realise that you had nothing to worry about. However, for us to avoid this stage we must first be able to recognise and then cease our current thoughts so that they can be directed to something more worthwhile.

Here are 5 things that you can let go of to make 2019 your best year yet.

Trying to please everyone

Whilst doing good for others cannot be considered negative. If it’s not coming from loving intentions, don’t do it. How many times have you pretended to be a person you’re not? Put up with someone else’s poor behaviour? Said yes when you were dying to say no? It’s natural to want to keep everyone happy but it’s also impossible. We are each on our own journey and therefore have to accept disappointment at some stage. It’s not your job to prevent this from happening to the people in your life.
Be and do what YOUR heart desires and you can never fail.

Having the perfect body/skin/career etc.

It’s exhausting trying to keep up with societal standards of perfection and it’s a race you’ll never win. Most of what we see online and on TV is not based in reality. Making us compete with something that is not only entirely false but also taxing on our own individuality. Place energy into improving & loving yourself. You are your only competition.

What other people are thinking

This is one of them worries that we have all experienced. It’s also something we will never truly know the answer to. Just remember, the opinions of other people are only ever a reflection of what is going on inside of them. Don’t allow something you can’t control to dictate your life. When you live life as your true self, you naturally call in your tribe.


We can spend so much time looking into the lives of others, comparing our lives to theirs. Comparison only ever creates an inferiority or superiority mentality, both of which provide us with a false sense of self. You can never honestly know how someone else got into their situation. Rather than envying or pitying others, use their stories as inspiration to create a better life for yourself. That is where your power lies.

Trivial issues

Whether it’s small disagreements, a dirty look from a stranger or who said what about who. That energy you’re using could be focused on something worthwhile. When our lives are filled with drama, we become bitter and uninspired. Choose your battles. It/they won’t matter in 6 months.

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Jade Renee Jan 27, 2019 3:45am

Thank you so much!

bethemilymcintyre Jan 23, 2019 2:20pm

Great article!

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