January 19, 2019

How to Recognize the blessing of our Mind/Body Experience.




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In all wisdom traditions, the mind/body is recognized as a sacred instrument of awakening and blessing.

As we move into this new year, there is the opportunity to pause and retune our instruments and renew our lives for the benefit of all beings. To support your retuning, we’re sharing a radically different way of goal setting called Awakened Goal Setting. If you missed lesson one, you can read and listen to it here.

Here’s a bonus teaching from the Wisdom Heart Community on tuning your instrument:

Patanjali, in the yoga sutras, points to the great confusion that exists for the unawakened consciousness—the identification of the seer with the objects of awareness.

This is the tendency of the untrained awareness: to become identified with the instruments of seeing, vehicles of experience, with the mind/body processes; even with the soul, the memory track of the spirit itself. But all of these, including the soul, are instruments that facilitate your returning to the innate, primary revelation of being: “I am that I am.”

Disidentifying is a practice found in all wisdom traditions.

It is the practice of the via negativa and is not—when rightly understood and practiced—a rejection, denial, or suppression. It is liberation from the unreal. When false identification with the instruments is released, we become like a master musician who truly loves and cares for her instrument. The maestro cares for the instrument so that it and she—might fulfill their musical dharma.

Your mind/body is a sacred instrument with a holy purpose.

Become the maestro of your life. Tune your instrument so that it might become the vehicle through which the radiance that you are is embodied and expressed. The instrument is sacred as it allows the “blessing that you are” to be shared with all of life.

The body is sacred.

The mind is precious. All the instruments are holy and it’s only by disidentification that you can fully care for, fully love, and provide the discipline it needs in order to realize and express its full potential.

It’s only through truly caring for the mind/body that we are able to perform the necessary disciplines.

These disciplines allow your instrument to reflect the radiance in, through, and as you. Through you, the radiance becomes a gift and a blessing to all beings.

When you let go and let be, you deepen your love and care for all forms of life. When you let go and melt the boundaries of the fixated identity, all of life becomes your beautiful teacher.

Love & Shanti,
E & D


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