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January 7, 2019

What I need is space

“Paradoxically, the best part was what was not depicted. By not painting certain things he clearly accentuated what he did want to paint.”
– “Killing Commendatore” by Haruki Murakami

What I need is space

Space to feel at ease.

Space for myself to do my own things freely.

Space to move and roll about.

Space to breathe and to think.

Space to exist, unfettered.


In that unclouded space, you discover what you want all the more, with emphasis.


A drawing with deliberate space.

Not filling in all the Zentangle patterns.

Leaving gaps or simply nothingness.


A Singing Bowl concert with lingering vibrations.

Presenting with silence.

That leads to a void.

A space of emptiness.

A hollow that speaks of everything, ironically, when there’s nothing to obstruct the reverberations.


A book that has no conclusive ending of explanations along the way.

Like a Murakami.

Open ended to either keep you dangling without answers,

Or letting yourself open up to accept the expanse of the unknown.


A life without obligatory structure or 5-year plans.

Just doing what feels best and right in this moment and the near future.

And knowing what’s true to your heart.


Knowing that in the greater universe,

Ideas of should-bes and should-haves all fade away eventually.

But it’s how we live for ourselves,

That lingers in the Here and Now,

And that will be remembered in the Ever After.

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Shimin Wei

I teach yoga, practise Ashtanga, practise Vipassana, draw Zentangle, love singing bowls, coach forest school, love my family as they are and my two cats, drink tea obsessively, avoid meds and tech as far as possible, have found the love of my life, and am pretty much like you and them and everyone else.