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February 23, 2019

How to Remain Sane as a Full-Time Bitcoin Trader

As an adult, we have to learn to deal with many stress factors. Whether it’s our job, our kids, pets, or even lousy neighbors. In my experience, none of this compares with the constant stress of being heavily invested in the cryptocurrency market or any type of market for that matter.

This is why I put together this short list of tips so that fellow cryptocurrency enthusiasts don’t lose their minds in this path of uncertainty.

Diversify Your Life

Due to the decentralized nature of Bitcoin, it can be quite easy to lose one’s funds to a hack or scam. This is why it is common knowledge to diversify your cryptocurrency in different wallets, physical locations, and devices.

I feel this same logic should be applied to how you manage your life. Investing all of your time and energy into trading crypto, watching the news, and coming up with a trading strategy isn’t very healthy. A small bump in your plan will emotionally tear you apart and make you feel helpless.

This is why you should learn other employable skills, obtain hobbies, continually make connections, or even go back to school. If you lose everything in the market, at least you feel that you can make it in another business venture.

Leave The Computer Every Hour

Sitting down for hours on end is unhealthy both physically and mentally. Even if you are in the middle of working on a project, get out of your seat and walk outside for a moment. If at all possible, try to socialize with someone face-to-face so you don’t lose your social skills.

Optimize Your Time, and Don’t Pick At It

If you have something that is mentally taxing to do during the day, get it done within the morning and forget about it for the rest of the day. At least in most people, the morning should be when you are most alert so take advantage of that window of clarity. When you have finished or nearly finished, don’t obsess about it until the next morning or you won’t enjoy your day.

Accept The Uncertainty of Your Future

If your wealth is based on changes in market price, whether lower or higher, you need to accept that you cannot sway the world in your favor. Especially considering how Bitcoin is such a young and unpredictable market, there is no guarantee that is will be profitable within the next year or so.


In our journey to make money, it is easy to get caught up with small insignificant things and let it devour our souls. Using my tips, you may remain a productive human being even if the market ever crashes.

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