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February 12, 2019

Perception is a Funny Thing…

Perception, how we see the world, what we perceive the world to be; is all about how we truly see ourselves in relation to the world, people, things around us.

Every life experience, impacts our world view. The humor is found, not in the life events that unfold… but rather in the disillusionment that we assume everyone around us…. sees, hears, believes things to be as we ourselves, see, hear, feel, & experience them.

Things aren’t often how we perceive them to actually be. I recently have had a few conversations with individuals I grew up with. Going to school we have such a limited world view, its impossible for our pre-teen & teen brains to understand much, beyond our own egos!

I recently had a conversation with a friend from school. Growing up, I thought I was always out of his league. We were best friends in school. He was the boy next door, with a million dollar smile & heart of Gold. Who knew behind that smile was a world of heartbreak. My perception of things, was limited by my own world view …

I had a conversation with a girl, in my eyes, growing up; she was always smiling, bubbly, bouncing around. I never knew…. The pain that lay inside her heart…

Again, my perception was limited by my own view! Things are never as they seem on outside the superficial surface. People much like stones, have layers of rock built up, buried down deep inside.

Odd to me, this girl felt, growing up, I had it all. Almost comical to me, the mere notion that is how she believed my life to be. She said, “I saw you, bouncing around with the popular kids, ya’ll didn’t know who I was, much less; speak to me.

She felt isolated, and alone. She called herself trash. Odd, this was to hear her say. Odd you ask? Yes, odd… odd because of her perception of me. Simply couldn’t have been further from the truth. The reality of my life. I told her this, you saw me hoping around the “popular kids”…. what you didn’t see, was; how I felt inside. I never felt I belonged to any one crowd… That hoping you saw, was actually….

Me, circling around from group to group, wondering, trying to find my way….

I too felt, as if never fit in. I too felt like trash, less than, unworthy, unwelcomed & misunderstood…

We were 16….

Looking back; I can now say; noone was truly, comfortable in their own skin… We just assumed… what we showed, would be enough to overcome, how we truly felt inside; our own minds…

Nothing is ever truly as one percieved! We need to look a little deeper, scratch beyond the surface.

The things, we perceived, the limits we made so often come from the limitations of our minds. We defeat ourselves, long before we attempt to engage in the things we see, long for, want, or desire… All because we simply could not perceive life to be any other way!

That boy with the million dollar smile, he’s still there, now with a heavy heart of gold.

That girl, that thought she was unworthy… She’s still there, now teaching others; how to be kind.

As for me…. well, I am still learning, evolving, striving to find that balance in life

I am expanding my world view, beyond those mental limitations, beyond those small minded judgements, and quick rash thinking…

I am trying to see, the efforts of others. I am looking beyond the superficial surface. I am training my mind; to look beyond the perception.

Because as you can now, more clearly see… Our perception of this…. Well, it’s just a funny thing; limited by our lack of understanding, empathy, & willingness to see the world beyond that superficial mirrored surface!

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