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February 26, 2019

Why You Should Consider Getting A Guard Dog

Many people have dogs as pets or companions. This relationship between owner and pet is a great one, but these pets are not always equipped with the knowledge of providing protection for their owner. A concern for most people is an intruder in their home, or even at their place of business. This is why so many more people are buying security cameras to keep an eye on their home or business while they are away. However, a great deterrent for home intruders is guard dogs. Here is some history behind guard dogs and things to not when training them.

For centuries people have been using dogs as protection for themselves, their homes, or their work. They were used to protect livestock from predators and to protect people from thieves. Dogs are inclined to help their owners, even when they aren’t trained to do so. There are many stories of beloved family pets notifying their owners of emergency situations such as intruders or fires. However, not every family pet will have the ability to act in these situations. This is why it is beneficial to get a trained guard dog for protection.

There are certain dog breeds that are known as great guard dogs. Guardian dog breeds characteristically are loyal, fearless, strong and watchful. These breeds also need a good amount of training and socialization with humans and other dogs because of their size and strength. Probably the most popular guard dog is the German Shepherd. They are very loyal and have a great ability to learn and understand commands. German Shepherd dogs are great at protection along with other dogs such as Rottweilers or Bullmastiffs. When looking for a guard dog, it is important to take into account the typical characteristics of a breed. Remember, there are many other types of guardian breeds that may actually be a better fit for you, your family, or business.

When looking to train your dog to become a guard dog, it is important to start with the basic commands. Basic commands, such as sit or stay, are very important for dogs to learn because they create a foundation to expand your dog’s skillset. Teaching a puppy or dog the basics not only teaches them commands, but it also teaches them how to learn and retain these skills. Once the foundation is built, it becomes easier to teach a dog commands that are specific to protection purposes. It’s important to recognize the time and commitment it will take to train a dog to guard or protect. Especially since these types of dogs are naturally aggressive and need to be socialized to prevent aggressive behaviour towards your family or friends.


Leander Clifton is the Owner and Kennel Master of Pedigree Canine in London. He has been training dogs since he was ten years old. He became qualified as a Kennel Master and Military Working Dog Trainer and now offers a wide range of training services. Leander Clifton enjoys spending time with dogs and loves sharing his knowledge to improve dog and human lives.

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