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March 26, 2019

8 Tips How to Keep Love in Long Distance Relationship

Keeping the spark alive while in a Long Distance Relationship(LDR) can be a challenge. It can be difficult not to give up on the whole thing when the only way you can share special moments with your loved one is through phone calls. Fortunately, with the advancement in technology, skyping and texting have seemed to make LDR easier than before.

Nonetheless, technology cannot substitute the need for regular physical proximity, and this is where many long distance relationships become a challenge. Although it is not going to be an easy task, you can make your relationship work even when you are on opposite sides of the world.

There are a lot of reasons that might make you and your partner live in different cities or countries. Worry not, thousands of LDR are working just fine, and yours can work too.  Below are 8 tips that will keep love alive in your long distance relationship.


Always find time to talk to each other every day to keep up with each other’s well-being and catch the other up on how your day is going. Regular calls, messages or video calls will go a long way in saving your relationship. Talk about your typical daily activities, both the fun and the boring ones, discuss what has been going on with your respective lives, etc. You can go further and talk dirty or flirt with each other. This will keep the sexual desire burning and thus preventing you from drifting apart. Starting the day the right way with a “good morning” and ending it with a “good night” should be a must.

This simple action will reassure your partner that they are the first and the last thing you think of every day. However, do not engage in excessive communication because it might be mistaken for possessiveness or being “sticky” which can be exhaustive.

Plan for dates as many times as possible

Physical presence is paramount in any relationship. Planning on seeing each other again, making love, kissing or holding hands at a future date keeps your partner motivated. It also increases the yearning and eases the frustrations because there is something for you to look forward to doing together. Planning to visit your partner at their home is a common practice. This prevents the relationship from getting stale and keeps the spark alive.

Create relationship goals

You need to know if you are both on the same page regarding the nature of your relationship and your ultimate desire to be together. When the time is appropriate, discuss the future together and set goals you want to achieve as a couple. This ensures that you stay positive and motivated. Be clear with what you expect from each other, and this will make the relationship last.

Trust your partner

It is normal to feel insecure while in LDR. “What could your partner be up to?” However, trust is a must-have in any relationship and especially so in long-distance ones. It is thus crucial that you learn to trust in your partner for your relationship to be healthy. Trust in any relationship is built by being honest even in the smallest of things.

Also, don’t engage in activities which your partner would not approve. You will grow closer and understand each other better when you believe in your partner.

Solve your issues promptly

When you argue it is essential that you find a solution to the problem within 24 hours. The time is enough for you to cool down and reason logically. Silent treatment or ignoring the problem will weaken your bond.  It is scary if your partner goes silent on you for days with you unaware whether the relationship is over.

Make the most of your time and space

Do not put your life on hold because of your relationship. The time apart is excellent for bettering yourself and your other friendships. It promotes individuality which is something most couples who are with each other everyday lack. Work on your interests and hobbies because you never know when your outside life might bring something good to your relationship and bring you even closer.

Sentimental objects

Technology plays a considerable part in ensuring your love remains alive while you are far apart, but it is not everything. You never know what a simple thing such as a gift pendant to your partner, a shirt that has your scent or a song you danced to, might mean so much to your partner. Sentimental objects ensure your partner has something to hold on to and bring a smile to their face.

Do similar things

It is a funny but effective way of spending time together while you are miles apart.  Do the same things. For instance, you can open up your video chat and play online games together, watch the same movies, recommend books to read or cook dinner or creat workout routines. These shared activities not only bring the presence of your partner in spite of the distance but also gives you more topics to discuss.

Last thoughts

You will be required to sacrifice a lot to make your long distance relationship work. It is up to the two of you to take actions that will keep the love flourishing and last long. Reframe your mind to view the situation as an opportunity to bring you closer instead of a means of putting you apart. This journey will test your love for each other, but when you use the above tips, you will be surprised how things will work just fine.

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