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March 4, 2019

Becoming Financially Independent so You Can Live Your Alternative Lifestyle

If you want to live an alternative lifestyle, whether it is becoming a globe-trotting backpacker or an artist, you will still need money to survive. Cutting back living costs is always one step, yet having a 9-5 office job would be the biggest hindrance to achieving your goals.

Thanks to the internet and a globalist economy, it is quite possible to make money without having the obligations of a traditional job. Let’s dive into a few broad areas to give you an idea of how you can break free from the dreaded corporate lifestyle.

Freelance Work

If you have a marketable skill, whether it is programming, design or writing, you may find odd jobs on the internet to make ends meet. There are many freelance platforms where both job creators and seeks flock to, including Upwork or Freelance.

An alternative to working through a freelance platform is to create your own website and branding so that you may work with clients directly. While this drastically cuts out middleman fees, increased risks and responsibilities will be on your shoulders.

Becoming a Gig Worker

If you live in a big city, there is likely an abundance of short-term gigs available in lieu of regular employment. This can including anything like painting, mowing lawns, delivering food or packages, or giving people a ride in your car.

Finding gigs is now extremely easy with mobile applications working as an intermediary in connecting gig workers, business owners, and customers. A perfect example would be Uber Eats, which gives mostly anyone to the ability to deliver food from restaurants directly to customers for a decent chunk of money.

If working via Gig application, there will at least be a middleman to make sure that you will get paid for a completed job. If you show up for a random gig via Craiglist, you may not have the same guarantee in getting paid.

Having Your Money Work For You

Freelancing or owning a small business isn’t necessarily for everyone. If you have enough capital to start with, you may gain financial independence through various short term investment ideas.

Trading would be a perfect example, whether it is FOREX, stocks, or cryptocurrency trading. Peer-to-peer lending is another idea, which involves lending to borrowers through a centralized and regulated platform.

Keep in mind that there are always risks involved when investing large amounts of capital in any market. If you are astute enough to keep your eye on market trends, then this may be your way to make a living.

Final Thoughts

Of course, venturing off the path of traditional employment isn’t for everyone. It lacks stability, and in some countries, there are increased tax obligations that may creep up on you. For some people, traditional employment would seem impossible to fit in their unconventional lives. With a bit of creativity and initiative, you may also live a financially independent lifestyle so that you have more time to focus on your real passions in life.

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