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March 20, 2019

How to manage dark energy and dark entities attacks the fast and efficient way.

As we are affected by Mercury retrograde from March 5th until the 28th this year, I feel sharing our soul retrieval journey practices is essential, as there are many of you who might really need this information right now.

Perhaps, you are going through profound swings of emotions – feeling overwhelmed and confused why you are being exposed to all these heavy vibes in the air.

It is Mercury retrograde influence that tends to intensify our inner demons power – bringing up events and people into our lives, who will play our shadow games in a vivid intense way, to drive our attention onto what we need to mindfully learn about, and lovingly work through, in ourselves, so we could heal.

You are not alone here; and it is my hope that by reading on, you’ll find a good way to cope and manage well.

My daughter Maya and I traveled to Sanremo, Italy, yesterday, to explore the street market, where we got attacked by some dark energy. It reached the point that Maya got panic, almost felt sick, and we both got very tired and confused, triggered on some very deep stuff.

We witnessed a brutal traffic accident, and lots of small events went on, orchestrated by dark energy when we were going on in a city.

We caught up some dark entities. Maya, photographer, and model, who usually takes hundreds of photos and dozens of videos, did none. We were under dark entities attack, but we are on a soul retrieval journey!

What can go wrong? We are shamans and healers. Bring it all in!

There are lots of noise out there about dark energy and dark entities attacks threat.

Let’s face it!

-Are they real?

-Yes, they are!

-Are they dangerous?

-Could be.

If you allow them the power to be so.

-Do you need to fear them?

-No! Your fear is giving darkness the power to manipulate you.

What are they? -The dark energy and dark entities attacks, and how to deal with them?

With the practice and mindful observation, we can develop the senses to feel them, when we come across them. It is mindful and healthy to be aware, and consciously choose not to run the dolls slaves show games orchestrated by them.

You have a choice to be a mindful observer, instead of an unaware panic puppet.

If and when we catch them up, it means there is something in us that resonates with them.

There is something in us that invites them to our energy field. Usually, it is as simple as our old emotional trauma: some unresolved past lives or karmic energy left over stock in our cells and body.

When you catch the darkness you resonate with, you might feel tired, irritated, imbalanced, scared, panicky, anxious, confused, crazy, etc. By being scared, anxious and panicky, you actually feed them in and give them the power over you.

So, first, calm down!

Breathe. Accept that something is going on and you need to deal with it. Accepting it frees you from the burden of fighting back in panic, emotionally overreacting onto triggers, and overanalyzing yourself.

Remember that acceptance is love.

Surrender to higher power to guide you through it, and reveal the deeper wisdom of the event or accident happening to you.

Invite compassion and love of your higher self, Love of Divine, onto your heart.

When our energy is all of the love, we simply do not catch any of dark energy or entities at all. There is nothing for them in our vibration to resonate with, or stick to: it just passes by.

But until we still do resonate with it, it is actually a good thing to catch the dark energy, as it is an opportunity to mindfully face it, heal it and release it.

By bringing it up to our consciousness and awareness, intensifying the pain or darkness experience for us, the Universe is offering us great opportunity to work through it, right away, at the place we caught it. See what is there for you to learn? What is there Universe is trying to teach you? What is the lesson?

As long as we make the conscious decision to face it, heal it and release it to the Universe, detox our body by freeing it of its shadow, we are safe and we are wise. We are loved and loving.

We are able to release and let go of our own dark parts, that attracted that dark energy or entity to us, at the first place. It is a loving and kind act toward ourselves.

Conscious decision, intentional choice, and basic dark energy cleaning tools:

Simple rituals that you could do in a comfort of your home, at your workplace, or anywhere you got caught up with the dark energy attack: on a street, at the event, while travelling, anywhere!

Yesterday, I simply walked to the sea, took my shoes off, and grounded myself onto the Earth, walking bare feet, mindfully releasing the dark energy back to the Earth, with deep gratitude and surrender. Surrender is such a powerful way to heal: you are offering all that you are, light and shadows, to the universe with the faith that what is not essential will ebb.

I was inviting and feeling it is pouring onto my body, the light and love (color gold or bright white light) as it was merging with my energy field at the same time; by mindful imagination: feel it.

Swimming in salt water.

Taking salt water bath.

Showering it all out.



Walking in nature.

Mindfully shaking off the darkness. The purpose here is: bringing your body energy back to the light, back to love. Mindfully emerging with Universal Love and Light you are.

It is an amazing and simple practice.

As the weather does not allow swimming in a South France sea yet, I simply sprinkled my hands with sea water, and cleaned all over my aura with my hands, using sea water – like cleaning up the aura back to the light; manually, and mindfully.

Repeat it a few times until you feel fresh and light.

If you could, take a nap, or overnight sleep with mindful manifestations of coming back to balance and love is good.

Meditation is perfect! I did 20 minutes of simple meditation bringing myself back to my balance and back to my grounding sutras:

‘I am the Universe’

‘I am safe’

‘Peace and happiness’

‘I am love; I am loving; I am loved’

Those are simple practices that bring you back to love and balance; they are helping you to release the darkness and foreign energy almost instantly. There are many practices like that, it is good to know them, practice them daily, and use as needed, but usually, those few are good enough to get yourself back to balance.

It takes some time to allow our energy field to adjust back to balance: you might feel balanced and peaceful, back to your own energy, within 30 min – a few hours; might be a day or so, if you just started the practices; but it works like magic!

By bringing mindful practices onto your daily activities, you are building up yourself onto the master of your life: the compassionate loving human being.

It is up to us to choose to heal.

It is up to us to choose to be healthy.

It is up to us to choose to be loving.

Embrace this magic.

You are Light.

You are Love.

When as you chose Love, love choses you. Always.


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