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March 27, 2019

I once Sold my Soul to the Devil—& then I Took it Back. {Poem}

Warning: naughty language ahead!


I am not here for you to like me

I am here to show you your shit
and talk about the stuff that you’ve been
sweeping under the rug

I want to whisper to those skeletons
hiding in your closet
and coax those monsters
crawling in your head

I am here to expose you
to tell you you’re a fraud
that you’ve given up on your childhood dreams
in exchange for a paycheck
you gave away your soul
and sold out to the man

I’m here to shake you
shake you out of slumber

Open your eyes
Open your eyes
Open your eyes!

This world is crumbling all around you
plastic straws strangling the ocean
digging up dinosaur bones to power our batteries
raping the earth so our wallets can have more green?

Put down that Starbucks coffee cup

Can’t you see she’s crying?

Death taking over in dirty factories
and we feed our children the toxins sold to us on television screens
“You ugly piece of shit,” they tell you
playing with your insecurities

You say you care
but the only person you ever cared for more than yourself
is your reflection in that mirror
as you paint on your mask
while getting ready for another day
chasing your master’s dreams

You buy that so-called eco-friendly toothbrush from Whole Foods
that’s wrapped in unrecyclable plastic
and you saved children in Africa with your $10 donation
as you fidget with your blood diamond
your second husband gave you
your child begs for your attention
instead of that goddamn iPhone
a one-click trick to shut ’em up
so you can get home
to that McMansion and turn on that TV
you’re keeping up with the Kardashians
but why are you still so unhappy?

But dear friend
I must confess…
I once sold my soul to the devil
and then I took it back

A beautiful desk slave I was
draped in my Burberry trench on Michigan Avenue
high in a glass tower
I traded my time
to suck John Hancock’s dick
and plug that empty hole in my heart
with useless shit they told me
I need in magazines

It’s okay dear friend
I’ve been to hell and back
lost in illusion
and debating Prozac
I lived for the dinero
and numbed with cheap cognac
but I promise you…

It’s possible to get your soul back. 


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Read 4 comments and reply

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