March 4, 2019

I spend my Mornings writing Love Letters. {Poem}

I wake up, roll over

feel the muscles in my back
fall into each other,
savor every tiny stretch
of my own skin wrapping
around the bones that hold
my slow and buzzing body.

I rustle beneath covers,
legs hugging and holding like lovers.

I begin to do this dance where

my feet rub together like I am swimming
in sunlight.

my fingers reach around
for me,
graze their fingernails across the rolling

hills and valleys of my back.

and that sweetness,
that act of self-compassion,
of enjoying my own euphoric simplicity,
of being,
of waking,
like a slow, sepia-toned love
that spills over into my entire day,
into my every thought,
my every action.

for I spend my mornings writing love letters to the self.

author: Henley Worthen

Image: Author's Own

Editor: Kelsey Michal

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Brooke Mathews Mar 6, 2019 1:01pm

Beautiful <3

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Henley Worthen

Henley Worthen is a nonfiction poet, speaker, and blogger based out of Thailand. Her writing dives into the darkest moments of her life and weaves beauty through the cracks of pain, illustrating an evolution of the feminine soul and power. She believes our suffering is our refinement and the source of all love and beauty, and she encourages people to turn into themselves and commit to a practice of self-healing. Connect with Henley on Instagram. Read more on her website.