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March 4, 2019

Is a Vegan Lifestyle for You?

Many in Western society have begun to embrace the Vegan Diet and lifestyle.  Have you ever thought about being vegan? Perhaps you are not sure what vegan is. The Vegan Diet is an animal product-free way of life based on kindness and compassion.

What is the Vegan Diet?

The Vegan Diet is free of animal products such as meat, milk, eggs and more. The main concern of vegans is kindness toward animals.  In addition to food restrictions, vegans do not feel that animals should be made into clothing or objects either.  Generally, vegans eat in a plant-based way.

What Kind of Ingredients are Commonly Used?

A great variety of fruit and vegetables may be eaten in the Vegan Diet.  Vegans also eat seeds, grains and legumes.  There are a great many types of beans available, and all are rich in protein and fiber.  It is fine to eat grains in this diet.

Reasons to Become Vegan

Do you love animals?  Perhaps you are horrified by what does on in animal testing of makeup, medicine and household products.  It is also good for the health to eat more vegetables.  There are also many famous people who have chosen to live as vegan who may serve as role models.

Difficulties of the Vegan Diet

It is possible though, that it may be more difficult to get certain nutrients on the Vegan Diet.  They might be missing some things like Vitamin B12 or zinc or even healthy fats.  Some people do seem to need more protein than others do.  Every person is different and not everyone will have a positive experience on the Vegan Diet.

More Useful Vegan Ingredients

In order to cook properly in vegan style, you will come to rely on some ingredients that you may not be accustomed to.  For instance, it will be necessary to find unusual things like egg replacement, Agar-Agar to use instead of gelatin and even seaweed.  On the other hand, ingredients like miso, almond milk and applesauce are often used in vegan cooking.  These are widely available.  Some of the ingredients common to Western cultures are staples of the Vegan Diet, including pasta, rice and oils.

Can Vegans Eat at Restaurants?

Yes, it is still quite possible to eat in a restaurant as a vegan diner.  Use the power of the Internet to discover vegan restaurants in your area.  PETA maintains a vegan fast food and restaurant guide.  Also, there is a Vegan Dining Guide to be found at  It is even possible to eat at fast food places.

Can You Stay Vegan While Traveling?

It has become quite possible to travel while being vegan.  It is even usually possible to get vegan airline meals.  These are usually provided by private services.  The most important thing is to either plan at your meals in advance or plan to dine at vegan restaurants.

Can You Eat Vegan While Pregnant?

Yes, you can but you must watch out to get enough protein.  Of course, there are vegan proteins available such as seeds, beans, nuts and soy.  Also, be careful to get enough calcium, which can be readily obtained in fortified soy or almond milk.  It is wise to take your supplements, as even non-vegan pregnant women must.

What Products Are Disallowed for Vegans?

In addition to not eating animal products, strict vegans also will not use products made of animals.  For instance, leather is made of animal and would be prohibited.  Gelatin is made from animals also. It is made from hoofs, bones and skin of animals, thus is disallowed on the Vegan Diet.

Is There Any “Perfect” Vegan?

No.  No one is perfect but taking steps toward kindness and compassion is desirable.  It is not necessary to be fully vegan.  Each person is different and see what works for you.  Each person knows what is right for them in their hearts.

Vegans avoid animal products in food, clothing, makeup and other items.  In fact, vegans pursue a different lifestyle than most people.  By saying no to products made from animals, vegans are emphasizing the importance of respecting animal life. For more information, check out the Vegan Society.


Shannon, A & D. (2013) Betty Goes Vegan. Grand Central Publishing. New York, NY 10017.


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