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March 6, 2019

The girl from the north {Poem}.

She was from the north
a place that could froze anybody heart.

Her hair was golden as the twilight light
her silked skin, white as snow
but she was warm like a distant star
her light glows on the darkness of human realm.

Her voice was delicate as the soft sea breeze
but somehow pierced deep
he felt on her voice the warmth of the sun bated water
he was not going to be able to take her out from his mind.

Her eyes were deep, clear and shined as stardust
when he gazed into her eyes
he felt like he was falling… deep
into the heat of a thousand stars.

She was from the north
a place with a never ending winter.

Her soul was like the most exuberant of summers
she was a strong, bold and free spirit
but has the sensitivity and kindness
of the most idealistic of royalties.

He knew she will continue her quest
maybe he will not see her again
sometimes a couple of hours
are more perdurable than a lifetime.

“You are perfect, at least to me”
he said…
“It is incredibly hard to believe you”
she replied.

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