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April 30, 2019

Pain’s Promise of Purpose

Someone once told me that although we see time as linear -individual moments as they present themselves- time is actually happening all at once.

The example they offered was akin to watching a parade from the ground. As the parade procession moves along, we see each part of the parade individually as they show up within our visual capacity.

But if you stood on top of a building, you would see the entire parade from front to back as a whole, in its entirety, seeing all individual parts happening at once.

This is the perspective of God or non- linear time.


Sometimes we don’t know what the “right” thing is in an individual moment in time.

Sometimes we do what we think is best with the (limited) information or knowledge we have given our visual, intellectual or perceptual capacity at that time.

As time goes on, we may come across new information or new levels awareness that change how we would have addressed a particular situation or how we would have navigated ourselves and/or the choices within our lives.

If we had only known the full context, we could have done better.

If we had the capacity to know all things at once- past, present and future- outside of and beyond linear time, we could always make the best choices possible and navigate everything ideally and optimally.

As humans, without this radical perceptive ability, we can only do what we know as “best” in any given moment and nothing more.

This makes room for human error. This makes room for mistakes.

*This makes room for valuable lessons.*

This also makes room for regret, remorse, sorrow, grief, guilt and plenty of other feelings that accompany lacking the “know-how” to make entirely perfect decisions at any given time.

Given our limited capability to understand the WHOLE of any given situation, we must learn to be gentle and compassionate with ourselves and others; to approach life with a depth of understanding that allows mistakes to be made and being “wrong” to occur because it couldn’t be any other way within our limited context, experience and comprehension.

Those who may have missed the mark, who may have missed the memos or red flags, who may have crossed the line or made terrible mistakes unknowingly or even knowingly, they did it within their limited capability of understanding.

Even if we knew in a random moment that we were doing wrong, we can’t quite comprehend the FULL consequences or how that decision or choice would/could affect everything after that. It’s not even in our realm of thought, its beyond what we can know.

There is a higher order, or PURPOSE, to all things, whether or not we can know or understand them within our limited capacity or perceptability.

Whether we can fathom this reason or purpose, “God” or the “Higher Wisdom & Intelligence of All Existence” balances itself out and mends any misdirection or wrongdoing within the grand scheme of all things because there is a natural order underlying all of time, all at once, across infinity.

We couldn’t possibly put together a full puzzle with only one piece. Yet we expect ourselves and each other to navigate our lives perfectly having access to only one or a few pieces to an infinite puzzle.

What happens now may have nothing to do with current happenings or this lifetime alone, and/or could very well positively affect a past or future situation, regardless of if we view it as positive or negative. And despite the fact that it may bring about painful circumstances in our lives, we may be undoing or balancing out a particular situation that is out of our reach or beyond our realm of understanding.

This means we must learn to TRUST the process, the natural order, the Higher Intelligence of All Things because only This can perceive everything all at once and can access the ULTIMATE discernment/judgement of any particular situation(s) or occurence(s).

With this higher awareness/perspective, we can learn to let go a bit; to make room for pain, wrongdoing and suffering within our own experiences and experiences of loved ones.

There is PURPOSE to everything here on this planet that we cannot possibly fathom. Rest assured.

And with the acceptance of this, we can cushion our pain with the understanding that we do not and can not know it all.

We can find peace within our hearts, minds and experiences knowing that something out there has all the answers and is bringing forth exactly what is needed in support of a higher and greater good that we may or may not see.

This may come with great sacrifice, indeed, but hopefully and likely a sacrifice that is worthwhile across all of eternity.

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