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April 23, 2019

We Need A New Concept of God

I want to stir the pot here. I’m tired of all this bullsh*t about religion. People have been worshiping gods of a thousand names for thousands of years. There is so much baggage around the word, “God.” This has caused many wars and a cycle of terrorism and death, due to the human desire for revenge, which still continues today.


Now, here’s a thought. The Supreme Truth is independent of the scriptures, before there were any scriptures it exists. No matter what we believe, what if we agreed that there is a universal something which is responsible for this existence, whether we want to call it the big bang or any of the creation myths. There is still only one All, and we are part of it. Let’s establish a dialogue in a safe space so that we can unite instead of divide. Even if we disagree, can we still be friends and love one another? What if we could at least agree on this one point?


What about these ideas? Envision boundless space without name or form. It is intelligence, consciousness, or thought. It is also life. It has the ability to transform itself into name and form, like we are living in now. This is mysterious, because no one really knows how it is possible. It is a cycle of creation and dissolution, like birth and death, but it continues for all eternity.


Along my life studies of different religions and spiritual paths, the most important takeaway that I’ve received is Love – to love whatever one considers to be the Highest Good, to love ourselves, and to love other fellow beings. Who doesn’t want love?


My hope is to spread this message of love and unity to all who will listen. I am reminded of a quote by Miguel de Cervantes, “In order to attain the impossible, one must attempt the absurd.” Just because it hasn’t been done before, doesn’t mean it can’t be done. We have to start somewhere! Let’s begin with love.


This is what works for me. I may not know how to love others. I’m sure there are people out there that I don’t like. I ask my God to help me because God knows how to do it. (If you do not have this same belief in God, then simply seek a source of inner strength to help you.) I have a prayer and meditation practice. It helps me to stay in a harmonious and happy place in my everyday life. It also helps me to remain mindful of my thoughts, including how I pass judgment on others or gossip, which is important, so that I can maintain compassionate and kind thoughts as much as possible.


In our modern time, our ability to communicate with others is at the highest point it has ever been, so now we can think of a one-world community, of a family of human-kind and feel more connected than we ever have before.


If we can love others a little more today than we did yesterday, this is a great thing. If we can get a little more happiness and peace in our lives, it is a great benefit to others as well. If one of us can do this, then another can do it as well. Pretty soon, whole communities are making positive changes that are affecting others exponentially on an even wider scale.


This has been a dream for centuries. Why not make the dream a reality? Let’s do it.



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Read 4 comments and reply

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