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April 24, 2019

You Don’t Need to be Rich To Fulfill Your Travel Goals

When it’s Spring or Summer vacation, some of us students have a wanderlust itch without the money to really do anything. Even with few funds available, it’s quite possible to discover the world while you are still young, healthy and foolish. It just requires extra diligence and patience.

Hunt for Cheap Accommodation

Airbnb is a life saver for poor backpackers needing the bare essentials when traveling or moving to a new place. There are rooms that cost less than a meal at a restaurant, albeit being rather small and with few amenities.

Unfortunately, there may not be room availability everywhere or some locations may not simply be as cheap as you thought. If you hunt around for hotel discounts in advance, you can even get a decent room that’s cheaper than vacation rentals or backpackers’ hostels.

Don’t Be Picky About the Destination

When you are broke, you don’t exactly have a lot of choices in life, especially when it comes to travel. Where you get to go mostly depends on your location, the demand for certain flights and the time of year.

Fortunately, there are lots of websites, like Kayak or LastMinute, to keep tabs on last-minute flight deals for extremely cheap international travel. The drawback is that there may not be available to the exact location you were going so you may have to make new travel plans with the destinations available.

Another alternative is to take your holidays in relatively nearby locations and travel via bus, train or driving. You can even take the Greyhound bus to Canada or Mexico at a fraction of the price of most international flights.

Forget About Restaurants

Treating yourself to new and delicious food goes hand-in-hand with travel, but as a broke college student, it’s better to prepare your own meals. Even in distant countries with unfamiliar languages, there are supermarkets with affordable food options that you can take back to your hostel. Some places even have street vendors that sell cheap and delicious food that won’t break the bank.

Use Public Transportation

With Uber and taxis everywhere, it’s tempting to be chauffeured around town without a worry in the world. Yet again, being broke bars access to luxuries and you’ll have to figure out how average locals get around.

In most cities, there are subways systems and buses to get around at a tiny fraction of the price. Keep in mind, you have to do your homework to figure out how it works and where the stops are.

Have Fun For Free

When going to tourist traps, hustlers are quite aggressive at selling you tours or overpriced trinkets that will probably blow your travel budget. Doing some research online, you can find parks, beaches, or cultural events to enjoy yourself without having to pay a cent. Also be sure to check for MeetUp groups to meet interesting people, locals, and tourists alike.


Don’t let money be the primary barrier to traveling the world as long as you can eschew a bit of luxury. Also, if you can find a source of online income, you can extend your travels much further without settling down with a regular job (look up digital nomadism).

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