May 16, 2019

Full Moon in Scorpio: How will you Embody your Truth?


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*Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.

We are experiencing such a potent moment in the mass awakening of consciousness across the planet—right here, right now.

Can you feel it?

Some may say it’s a wonder that science is finally catching up to what mystics and ancient prophecies have spoken into for millennia—proving that we can heal our bodies by aligning our minds, activate dormant DNA, empathically sense energy in other living beings, and affect the collective whole with our individual intentions and actions for starters.

Still, others will wonder if they’re allowed to believe finally in what they’ve always sensed a calling to explore: the realms of spirituality, the body, emotion, and magic. The things the mind won’t necessarily ever be able to make rational sense of.

Ascension, or the inevitable rising frequency of the planet that we’ve experienced over the last few decades and in particular over the last two, has set into motion incredible healing, awakening, opening, and remembering on such a beautifully expansive spectrum.

As our individual and collective vibrations rise, it’s to be expected that we will feel more of our own innate power, intuition, and sensitivity to the multidimensional nature of reality in which we play.

Ascension invites us to embody our truth, to listen to our desires, to align with our soul-purpose, and ultimately to express our unique genius in service to ourselves and to the whole.

The way you best serve yourself is always how you best serve the collective. This is the essence of our innate genius and soul-aligned purpose—we are designed to each give a unique gift. But what’s in the way of fully allowing that gift to be revealed, empowered, and shared in the ways we envision in our wildest imaginations?

This is what our upcoming full moon in Scorpio invokes for us: how will we embody our truth? What is in the way of shining our light, at its fullest capacity? What shadow, darkness, trauma, or shame wants to be loved, acknowledged, and integrated into our whole being? And what deep desires are calling forth to be set free and actualized? What passion is inspiring us to grow into our next level evolution of service, contribution, and creative expression?

Are you feeling this resonance already?

It’s quite natural for many to feel the effects of lunar energy far ahead of the actual events themselves. Since becoming more conscious in my awakening journey, I’ve noticed my body, mind, and spirit are deeply impacted by lunations sometimes as far as 10 days ahead of the precise moment in which we arrive to our full or new moon pinnacle. Everyone is different in that respect and, of course, there is no right way or wrong way to feel—period. Especially when it comes to your relationship with the cosmos.

However, in this moment of accelerated, collective awakening, you are being invited into a deeper relationship with you—an exploration even—of how you take care of you, how your system responds to energy, and how you are integrating all of the newness on the horizon for us all to receive, integrate, and harvest for our desired evolution.

If you’ve felt that the last year especially has come with some of the most challenging initiations and tribulations of your entire life, you’re not alone. If you feel like this past year has been ripe with even more challenges and invitations into healing trauma and making your deepest, darkest depths of unconsciousness conscious, you’re not alone.

Welcome to the new norm; one in which self-care and self-love can no longer simply be memes or routines we have five-step plans for and post about in an oversimplified social media share. Self-love, self-care, and commitment to living your truth are requirements for your radical responsibility to your own highest alignment and happiness from now on.

We are all collectively, in this moment, being called to meet ourselves more deeply than ever and know there are so many others who resonate with what you’ve been through in all of your initiations.

They are here waiting to feel your resonance as soon as you emanate the truth within you that so badly wants to be revealed. They stand ready waiting to mirror back to you the feelings and experiences you’re having that maybe feel ungrounding or like you’re the only person who could possibly ever relate—trust you’re not alone.

Victim consciousness and any remnants of illusions therein are being dismantled, for good. Do you feel it? Know this in your bones. Nothing, and no one, is in control of our present-moment happiness but us.

If ever we are feeling uncomfortable, anxious, fearful, obsessive, contracted in anyway, can we allow ourselves to feel what’s underneath the pain our ego wants to dismiss as a problem to solve as soon as possible? Can we imagine there’s nothing to fix?

Instead, can we see that we are being invited into finally feeling all the way into what wants to surface beneath the supposed fear and worry that dominate our lives in so many moments?

Underneath our fear and anxiety about the future is a deep knowing that we are here to thrive and expand in extraordinary ways but perhaps we simply haven’t let ourselves deserve that dream fully and know in every cell it’s our destiny to receive it.

Under our obsession about fitting in and being loved is a sadness, grief, and longing for all the ways we’ve abandoned ourselves, our truth, our desires to please others, as though that would ensure survival.

Under any looming fear of running out of money or not having what’s needed to feel safe, is a deeply repressed personal power that withholds the sharing of such extraordinary genius gifts and aliveness that are the activators of abundance.

How much energy do we waste and drain away worrying? Worry is simply control in disguise. Control is contraction, the opposite of our divinity, which knows trust and surrender are our inherent blueprint.

Instead of being here, how often are we in the past or the future?

It’s not our fault if we were taught these programmed, survival-oppression tactics, but our consciousness now is awakening, and it is our fault if we don’t take responsibility to change.

If you’re feeling stuck know you’re not alone, ever. You may be being asked to face yourself more deeply than you ever have, to fully feel your depth, and receive the messages and healing available right now always in service to your highest alignment and divinity embodiment in this now.

If you desire support on your journey, it’s available in so many abundant forms—just ask and receive.

This week is a potent energy portal leading up to the full moon—the entire planet, our bodies, our souls—are undergoing a huge paradigm reorientation perhaps in the greatest sense we’ve ever known. Remember, you wouldn’t be here right now, in this moment, reading these words, if you weren’t absolutely prepared to hold all that’s here and all that’s to come.

We are being reconditioned to hold such an extraordinary light—the truth of who we really are—with such incredible gifts and fruit to bear.

Love your shadow, love your darkness, and seek your depth. You are the medicine, my love. You are a warrior.

You wouldn’t have chosen to be here otherwise.


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