May 14, 2019

How Barack Obama turned his life around when he was a boy, & the most helpful thing Steph Curry’s dad ever did. ~ MBK

“I didn’t grow up to become the person I am until I was less focused on me and I was more focused on how could I be useful, who could I help. Because the amazing thing is, when you help somebody, when you’re a positive influence on somebody, when you are working hard on behalf of somebody and you see that impact, that gives you confidence.”

From Steph Curry’s struggles with confidence, to that one-word answer about how his father made a difference in his life just by consistently showing up, not any one thing he ever said, to President Obama’s universal wisdom on how he turned his young life around, this is a watch worth the attention.

“We live in a culture where our worth is measured by how much money we have and how famous you are. The thing that gives you confidence is not that. The thing that you find as you get older—that you respect the most, are people who’s confidence is grounded in the fact that they do the work, they do their jobs well, they look after people who are counting on the and they are providing a positive impact in their communities. You get that and that will carry you a long way…” ~ Barack Obama

Photo: Obama Foundation, MBK Rising.

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