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May 3, 2019

Just Be–Cultivating Stillness In a World Full Of Demands

In a world that is so full of sounds, noises, demands, competion and movement, egos and seperation, how do we become still again?

In a world where every moment should be planned ahead, should be lived ahead and digested before it is even experienced, how do we become still again?

In a world where many are seeking answers in other people´s predictions – because they have forgotten that they carry them all within themselves, how do we become still again?

In a world where the need for permission and approval is projected onto other people´s opinions, social media accounts, concepts and linear timelines, how do we become still again?

In a world where peace is so desperately longed for and power given away to decision makers of their own agenda, how do we become still again?

In a world so full of illusions fed as truth, how do we become still again?

—And why is it even important, you may ask? Why do we even need to become still again?—

In stillness lies peace.

Stillness offers a threshold to return home to ourselves, to our souls.

Stillness opens a portal to your heart, where you meet your Self, your true essence. You reunite from here.

Stillness activates the rememberings from long forgotten times when we lived in harmony. Together. For one another. In peace with Nature. In love with the lands. In union.

Stillness embraces healing as it cradles us back into our wholeness which always has been and always will be one of the deepest truth.

Stillness allows us to breathe in oneness. To exhale stress. To be present. Here and now – in the only moment ever existing.

Stillness is the soul´s medicine. It allows us to feel. No expectations, no demands, nothing to do, no goals to run after. Just being still, returning to the breath, feeling the breath, being the breath. The depth of our breath.

And in that stillness, we eventually begin to open up. We begin to nurture ourselves back into our bodies. Back into our hearts. Feeling the expansion, feeling the love, the wild beauty, the wild ecstasy, the wild sacredness of our wholeness. Feeling truth in all that we are.

And as we do, it returns us home to ourselves. And ultimately home to all of life because we have uncovered the union within, the greatest connectedness that is interwoven in our beingness: Flowing through us, flowing out from us, threading and weaving what we call Life.

Breathing peace. Being harmony. Living wholeness.

Stillness is the rhythm of creation sung through every single one of us.

Can we be it?

Author: Lin Schulz

Image: Robert Bye/Unsplash

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Lin Saj May 17, 2019 7:36am

Thank you Missavery, I am happy that it resonates. May stillness be much more practised in this hectic world.

1981melli May 6, 2019 11:32am

Thanks for sharing these powerful words.
What beautiful words to support the way back to stillness.

missavery May 6, 2019 8:07am

Beautiful words and a lovely reminder Lin ♥️

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Lin Saj

Lin Saj is currently residing in Europe, and ready to learn more about the energetic agreements of her own culture after spending most of the past 10 years abroad. She lived in several countries around the world, where her nomadic soul was searching for a deep connection that she eventually realized was there all of the time, hidden within her own heart. Dedicating herself to unleashing this sacred soul light from all of the conditioned chains and patterns, she found a deep calling to be of service for Mother Earth. To create and hold safe space for people, which allows them to experience the ever-existing state of wholeness and presence within themselves. For this is how truth and integrity can be uncovered—with maps and tools of different traditions. She is currently offering such spaces by sharing the devotional practises of Tantric Hatha and Yin Yoga. Come and say hey on Instagram. Namaste, wild hearts.