May 15, 2019

Religious Intolerance: a Facebook Encounter.

“You unfortunately are evil and can’t play in my treehouse that I built, partially because my treehouse may not exist in your yard.”

Religions aren’t all evil. Buddhism and most religions have some great aspects…Buddhism’s also super-boring, when done right, so hard to hate. It’s not theistic. Still, it’s had plenty of douchery, corruption, sycophancy, all the stuff atheists love to hate. But it’s had all of that because, you know, it’s made up of humans, and we’re all human.

That’s the problem with getting rid of religions–as China, Russia found out, it doesn’t get rid of douchery. We’re still working with humanity–there’s no getting away. The problem is our greed, attachment, aggression…and Buddhism works wonderfully to undermine and enlighten those root neuroses.

Religion equals hate? Too often, yes. But it doesn’t have to.

Fawzi: we are in the 21th century and many ppl either godless or they worshp a bloody fetish that cannot protect its self such a religion has no a respectful origin from heaven .
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Elephant Journal you’re right—Buddhists probably wouldn’t go to a heaven that your religion believes in. Can’t we all get along?
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Fawzi I am being honest here i am not gonne praise such a thing
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Elephant Journal why would a Buddhist care if you’re saying they can’t go to your heaven? Buddhism is dedicated to being of service to others. That’s a good thing. If you can’t love your fellow man and woman, that’s your loss, friend.
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Fawzi Elephant Journal It is not my heaven or yours cos there is only one heaven one god buddhist is a fetish cannot even protect its self from flies ppl worship it they thing he a god how come ? he did not created me nor he created you we have to advice each other worshipping the only creator
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Elephant Journal if you can’t practice religious tolerance and love, you’re not welcome here. This is akin to racism and sexism. If your god is so insecure that you must hate others who don’t follow your path, you do not know your own god.

The point, in the end, after all, is only this.

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deafxom3 May 20, 2019 4:59pm

I’ve found through my years walking this earth most people feel most comfortable hiding behind the most basic understanding of their religion. Few individuals take the time or exert the energy required to learn the fundamentals, let alone the doctrines of their religion. It is easy to proclaim to the world “I am a Christian!” Can you proclaim the teachings of Jesus, explain the parables of the NT, explain the doctrines of your particular flavor of Christianity, can you walk in love toward and judge NOT another human as instructed by GOD … those are tests placed down by your laws. The Bible does NOT preach Hate. It preaches LOVE, patience, forgiveness … your instructed to walk in HIS path and show your light.

I was fortunate to be raised in a home with a Christian Father but a British Mother raised in Burma and Tibet. Christian schools and College were my life. I am intimate with the Bible. Thanks to my Maternal grandparents I grew up with a love and respect for Budishm. Until I independent and out on my own I called my self a Chi-Bu, because I found love in both religions, I also found hypocrisy and greed. I worked through “my” isssues and chose my faith. I still have respect for both religions and enjoy a good theological debate.

Sometimes I even enjoy having a pseudo-Christian try to tell me I going to Hell “because” ….. it usually means they aren’t very well versed in the gospel and a debate is close at hand. ?

Alice DeRosa May 20, 2019 8:57am

Good article I feel there are many paths to love or G-d can’t we all focus on what we have in common as human beings . All spiritual paths teach love unfortunately the ego gets in the way and says my G-d is right so you must be bad or wrong. I love Elephant Journal for it’s inclusive beliefs.

Susannah-Joy Schuilenberg May 20, 2019 8:23am

Awesome response as always, Waylon.

Could we ditch “douchery?” Might I suggest substitutes such as ‘asshattery,’ ‘dweebishness,’ or any one of the perfect obscure descriptive adjectives found on the Phrontistry website?

You made me laugh out loud at “buddhism is super boring when done right…” 🙂 Any religion that requires one to hate those who choose another path is neither spiritual nor existential, but rather human-centric (‘my way or no way’) and therefore doomed to pettiness.

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